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What's The Veritas Forum about?

At the Veritas Forum, we believe we were made to seek truth and be changed by it. We are a community of students, faculty, campus ministers, and more, who are pursuing a vision of the university that seeks and stewards truth and invites people of all backgrounds to explore the ideas that shape our lives. Since 1992, we’ve shared lectures and conversations with a firm belief that generous dialogue is essential for universities and the Christian faith alike.

In this podcast, we're pulling from our archives of recorded events. Learn more about each episode in the show notes and visit to learn more about the mission of the Veritas Forum and join us as we explore the ideas that shape our lives.

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What do we do when things b...


PART OF A SPECIAL 6-WEEK SERIES | This season is all about character and virtue — and how we can close our “character gaps” to become better people. But, what does it look like to grow more virtuous in a ...

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