The Week According to Frangela

By Frangela

What's The Week According to Frangela about?

Frangela brings you "Real News. Real Funny!" Frangela takes the news the of the week and puts their hilarious spin on it. You've seen them on VH1's Best Week Ever, heard them nationally on Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes and locally in LA on KTLK. Now catch their show live and in person. Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly says Frangela is "a blast of common sense amid the pasty drone of their sub-Limbaugh competitors". The Week According to Frangela is The Daily Show meets the Radio with a whole lot of funny attitude

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Hollyweird! (July 10th, 2010)


Frangela discusses the events of the week of July 10th, 2010 -LIVE from The Second City in Hollywood!Lebron James, Lindsay Lohan, Dave Chapelle, Mel Gibson, and more!