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223: Mindset for Moms – Tips to Get More Done & Stress Less This Year

In this New Year check-in, Heather and I chat about our goals for this year, upcoming projects, and tips for getting more done with less stress this year! Episode Highlights Stress-reducing tips: Learn the top things we’re both doing to reduce our stress and be more productive including self-care, organization tips, and more. Sauna vs. Red Light: We answer the much-asked question: what is the difference between red light therapy with infrared waves and infrared saunas? Finland: This leads into a discussion about Katie’s upcoming trip to northern Finland (Lapland) with Tero and the Four Sigmatic crew to learn about how medicinal mushrooms are sourced and about the indigenous Sami tribe (inspiration for the book Santa Sold Shrooms). Follow Katie on Instagram if you want to keep up with the trip next week! CBD: We also delve into the new research on CBD and how we’re both using it for different things. See this podcast for the full scoop. Sensory swings for vestibular function: How hanging sensory swings from my kids ceilings has been a time and stress saver this winter Reducing Plastic Use: We also go deep on the subject of plastic use and encourage everyone listening to reduce their use of plastics (especially single-use plastics) both for the sake of health and of the environment. With floating islands of plastic in the ocean that are the size of Texas, and plastic chemicals found several kilometers deep in the ice of the Arctic, this is now a global problem and we can all pitch in to reduce our dependency. Check out this post on reducing plastic use for some ideas. Health Trends for 2019: We delve into some health trends we anticipate continuing to grow in popularity in 2019. Specifically: Elderberry All things elderberry seem to be on the rise, and with good reason. While both of us have been using homemade elderberry syrup for years, we’re starting to see all types of remedies and even skin care that involves elderberries. Want to get creative? Try these elderberry marshmallows or elderberry tea. CBD Another health trend that seems to be exploding right now! Be careful, because there are many types out there and some are not as effective as others. I personally prefer this one because it is water soluble and colloidal so it’s highly effective and doesn’t use solvents to extract. Digital Detox After years of increasing technology use, we’re seeing a trend toward intentional time off from technology and seeking out quiet and focus. Personally, we love taking digital days off for a mental reset. Rethinking Sunscreen With Hawaii leading the charge, many states and countries are moving to reduce or ban chemical sunscreens <a href="


222: Why ButcherBox Is Bringing Back Grass-Fed Meat With Mike Salguero

I’m here today with Mike Salguero who is the CEO and founder of ButcherBox, the first delivery service dedicated to providing completely natural grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and heritage pork directly to your door. It’s something our family has used for a really long time. Today Mike talks to us about how he got into grass-fed meat, why it’s better for you, and how he’s managed to balance his entrepreneurial goals with family life. Episode Highlights With ButcherBox The personal reason Mike Salguero started a grass-fed meat business Why more consumers want grass-fed meat than ever What labels like grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, etc. really mean Why we might need to be wary of the grass-fed label in the future Labels to look for to know if meat is humanely raised Whether the labels “natural” and “hormone-free” really mean anything The differences between how a grass-fed and a grain-fed cow are raised What to do if grass-fed meat isn’t in the budget Whether raising livestock for meat harms the environment Advances in emission-free or carbon-neutral meat The ups and downs Mike went through to find his ideal work-life balance Tips for entrepreneurs And more! Resources We Mention Butcher Box – Special limited-time offer for Wellness Mama listeners! 2015 UN Climate Report Global Animal Partnership Certified Humane Savory Institute Books Mike Recommends Rich Dad Poor Dad The Richest Man in Babylon The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level More From Wellness Mama 44: Diet & Lifestyle Interventions 186: Carnivore Diet, Ketosis, Macros, & Diet Variation With Dr. Anthony Gustin 204: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease (& How to Thrive Even If You Have It) With Dr. Guillermo Ruiz Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef‘ Grass fed Meat vs. Grain fed Meat How to Balance Business and Family Life (& Succeed at Both) How to Know If You Have Hashimoto’s Disease (& What to Do) Did you enjoy this ep


221: Natural Movement, Sustainable Fitness, and Lifelong Health With Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

I am here today with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, a man with so many accomplishments it’s hard to sum up. Mark is an Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, a practicing family medicine doctor, a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and a provider of continuing medical education courses on health, fitness, and running through HealthFit U. He’s also a doctor with SteadyMD, the doctor-in-your-pocket service I use and love (more on that below). That’s just the start! An avid runner, Mark has run competitively for almost four decades and has logged more than 100 marathons and ultra-marathon finishes. In fact, he now continues to compete and has logged an under-three-hour marathon for 30 straight years. His notable contributions to the field include developing the US Air Force Efficient Running program and writing his new book Run for Your Life. In this book he summarizes the science and the soul of running, nutrition, and physical activity to help you maintain a vigorous life. Episode Highlights With Mark Cucuzzella Why we should all be barefoot more often, especially kids Movement guidelines for kids and adults, and how to move more A compelling reason not to push kids into highly competitive and specialized sports early What to look for in a healthy shoe The surprising reason we are seeing so many injuries in kids One reason we’re seeing such a drastic rise in metabolic problems like obesity and diabetes How Dr. Mark helped overhaul a hospital’s food system What he learned when despite being fit and active he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and how he reversed it The dietary advice he considers most harmful And more! Resources We Mention Natural Running Center His book: Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk, and Move Without Pain or Injury and Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Joy SteadyMD More From Wellness Mama 20: Exercise, Movement & Pelvic Floor Health 88: Pregnancy Exercise, Diastasis, and Pelvic Floor Health with Lorraine Scapens 93: How to Avoid the Most Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make 106: Why to Stop Doing Kegels &#038; Squat Instead with Katy Bowman 117: Fitness at Any Age with Flipping 50s Debra Atkinson 202: How Footwear Affects Posture, Alignment, & Movement With Gordon Hay From ALINE How to Find the Best Minimalist Shoes (for Adults and Kids) 5 Horrible Exercise Excuses <a href="


220: The Most Effective Way to Use CBD (& Why So Many Don’t Work) With Ojai Energetics

Today’s episode is all about CBD, a hot topic in the health world and one I get so many questions about. My guest Will Kleidon founded Ojai Energetics in 2014 with one goal: to provide the purest, healthiest, and most ethically produced cannabidiol or CBD on the market. Four years later, his business is doing just that and they’re using this science-driven organic nutraceutical to help people achieve optimal physical health. We’re going to clear up some of the controversy surrounding CBD and explain why it’s such an important compound that many of us need. Episode Highlights: Ojai Energetics The big difference in modern culture that is causing oxidative damage The surprising real reason cannabis and hemp were made illegal The two cannabinoids we produce internally What FAAH is and why you should care The other cannabinoids we need besides CBD that most people don’t know of What terpenes are and why they matter Compounds that cause smell and taste and how they interact with CBD How CBD can lead to neurogenesis The surprising way that CBD can reduce oxidative damage An anti-aging component of CBD and how to get the benefits How to use essential oils in combination with cannabidiol to accomplish focus, sleep, and other benefits Why Thomas Jefferson said the most patriotic thing you could do for the county is sow (grow) hemp How to use CBD (and why it is essentially impossible to overdose) And more! Resources We Mention Ojai Energetics (see special offer through this link!) Dosage Instructions: Put and hold one 1/4 dropper under your tongue and notice how it tastes. Continue taking 1/4 droppers, until the bitter taste becomes almost 100% sweet like honey. More From Wellness Mama 132: How to Use Cannabidiol for Sleep, Hormones, & Health CBD Oil & How It’s Not What You Think Did you enjoy this episode? What other questions do you have about CBD? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This episode is sponsored by Fabletics. So here’s the deal- if you’re anything like me and workout pretty much 6 days a week and sauna daily, you go through an incessant amount of gym clothes everyday, which means more loads of dirty laundry. I find myself always buying more gym wear to avoid this issue (you ladies know what I’m talking about), but won’t shell out hundreds of dollars on the expensive brands and was tired of cheap gym wear that wears out quickly with lots of washing. My solution to this predicament is a brand call Fabletics. If you haven’t heard of them- you’re missing out! Fabletics is a fashion focused activewear brand founded by Kate Hudson and its mission is to empower women by making a healthy, active lifestyle accessible to everyone because of its e


219: Why Everything We Know About Probiotics Is Wrong & How to Stop Leaky Gut With Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan

I’ve spent many years researching and writing about gut health, but current research shows much of what we thought we knew about probiotics is just plain wrong. It’s time to get some clarity! Kiran Krishnan is undisputedly one of the world’s experts on probiotics as a research microbiologist who has been involved in the dietary supplement and nutrition market for 17 years. He comes from a strict research background and has designed and conducted dozens of human clinical trials and human nutrition. Currently, Kiran is the Acting Chief Scientific Officer at Positions Exclusive and Microbiome Labs and is involved in nine human clinical trials on probiotics and the human microbiome. There’s new research coming out every day but it isn’t always easy to understand for the layperson, so I’m glad he’s here today to explain. Episode Highlights With Kiran Krishnan What leaky gut is and why chances are good that you have it The reason that 55% of healthy college students had severe leaky gut when tested What happens when leaky gut continues for a long time and how the body reacts The biggest factors that contribute to leaky gut How often antibiotics are used unnecessarily Why one course of antibiotics can disrupt the microbiome for up to 2 years How pesticides in foods can impact the gut Why our overly sterile world is more harmful than helpful The reason we need bacteria and to be a little dirty to thrive Why lactobacillus bacteria are not the most beneficial strains for humans How most bacteria die before they ever reach the gut The actual benefit of fermented foods (it isn’t the bacteria) What bacteria ARE health promoting and how to identify them Why metabolic endotoxemia is probably affecting your daily life even if you’ve never heard of it The reason your gut could be making you anxious or depressed A reason addiction can be rooted in the gut How some antibiotics can lead to anxiety and depression Important factors for pregnant moms to optimize Resources We Mention JustThrive Probiotics (use code wellnessmama15 to save 15%) More From Wellness Mama 9: Leaky Gut, Heartburn, & Digestion 53: Does Leaky Gut Cause Autoimmunity? 62: Good Clean Dirt with Jasmina Aganovic of Mother Dirt 96: Using Natural and Traditional Medicine to Fix the Gut Microbiome with Dr. Ken Brown Do You Have a Stinking Gut? (And Why You Should Want One) Can Probiotics Improve Your Brain? Best Baby Probiotics for Infants Why Kids Need Dirt Probiotic Benef


218: Happy New Year: 21 Tiny Habits That Can Drastically Change Your Life This Year

Happy New Year to you! Hopefully we are all enjoying a little down time today with the family, so this episode will be short and sweet but I hope you’ll join me in thinking ahead to next year… I don’t mean this in the sense of typical New Year’s resolutions — those lofty goals that we often forget about too quickly — but I mean the chance to challenge ourselves to make small but significant changes. As I think about the habit shifts I want to focus on this year, there are 21 mini-challenges or goals that come to mind that have really helped me in my life. My list is always growing and changing, so I hope you’ll share your “aha” moments with me in the comments as well! Episode Highlights: My Mini-Goals for 2019 Reduce or eliminate single-use plastics — saying no to straws, cups, water bottles, shopping bags. Focus on gratitude and simplification — finding little things to be grateful for. Use a kitchen safe during family dinner. Drink lemon water or plain water in the morning. Get morning sunshine or take a walk. Set a bedtime on my phone (and put phone away somewhere besides my room). Keep a challenge journal. Make time for silence. Bullet journal when I can’t sleep. Create a positive phrase as a daily reminder. (Mine is: “Everything will work out perfectly.”) Read for just 5 minutes a day. Check email and social media only once a day. Say no a lot more (and why). Write a note a week to someone I love saying thanks (fun stationery linked below!). Create a social group or dinner party that meets on a regular basis. Listen to TED talks in the morning. Listen to a podcast. Write down “top three” MITs daily (most important tasks). Create 10 ideas a day and write them down (see James Altucher article below). Set reminders in your phone to stretch and move. Get enough protein in the morning! Resources Mentioned Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions & What I Do Instead (+ The Best of 2018) 2015 study on gratitude Kitchen safe for cell phones JustThrive probiotics Oura ring Four Sigmatic reishi Funny stationery to start writing notes/letters Branch Basics (concentrated natural cleaner to reduce plastic use – code MAMA15 gives 15% off starter kits) Blog post: How to Become an Idea Machine (James Altucher) Books I Recommend <a


216: A Look Back: 9 Powerful Lessons I Learned the Hard Way This Year

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wherever you are in the world and whatever traditions you celebrate! Today, I’m sharing a few of our favorite Christmas traditions (and would love to hear yours in the comments!). I’m also sharing 5 powerful lessons I learned this year, and some of which I definitely learned the hard way. Finally, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to join me on this podcast and any of the other episodes you’ve listened to over the past year. You are such an important part of this community and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you! Episode Highlights: 9 Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned The family tradition we always keep on Christmas Eve What’s in our stockings this year The #1 Christmas gift my kids always look forward to An easier way to capture family memories Lessons I learned this year How I learned gratitude isn’t just for when things are good… (hint: hurricane) What made me finally realize working hard is not the same as working smart… Why taking responsibility can transform your mindset… What it took to finally let go of stress and retrain my brain and habits to thrive as a mom… Take a listen (or check out the transcript above) for the rest! Resources We Mention Glühwein recipe (Austrian mulled wine) Wassail recipe Sicilian Feast of the Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve 60+ Useful (& Fun!) Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F—— by Mark Manson My meal planning system More From Wellness Mama 78: How Moms Can Affect Actual Change with Big Food and Big Ag with Leah Segedie 81: Meal Planning Tips to Simplify Your Life & Reduce Stress 214: Using Mindset and Personalization to Make Lifelong Health Changes With Dane Johnson How to Balance Business and Family Life (& Succeed at Both) Mommy Hacks & Tips for Improved Efficiency My Home Organization System & How I Get It All Done Tips to Naturally Reduce Stress… Starting Now! Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions & What I Do Instead Enough from me… What are your favorite things to do on Christmas Eve? Do you have any “lessons learned” to share?</


215: Breaking Financial Stress to Create Wealth and Wellth for Life With Krisstina Wise

Today we deviate a bit from our normal topics but it’s one that I think is equally important — our financial health. Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, a millionaire coach, and the creator of several multi-million dollar businesses, including Goodlife Luxury, the Paperless Agent, and most recently, Wealthy Wellthy. She was named one of the 100 most influential real estate leaders in the country, and she has been featured in USA Today by Apple and Evernote, so I’m very honored to have her on the show today. Krisstina also found time to write an award-winning book called Falling For Money which she calls “a romance novel for your bank account”… I love that! I don’t want to give away too much of her story but she also has a really amazing personal health story as well. On to the episode! Episode Highlights With Krisstina Wise How Krisstina went from 150k in debt to being a millionaire using systems Her own journey to health and having to spend half a million dollars to get her health back Why the financial landscape has changed so much in the last 50 years and how to plan for financial security for life The reason to run a family like a business to create long-term wealth Why to think of health as an asset and be willing to spend for it How to create passive income and invest even on a tight budget The reason there is no such thing as retirement anymore and how to adapt Why you can’t earn your way to wealth in today’s world The simple and surprising system that helps build long-term financial freedom Understanding your own financial philosophy (and why you have one even if you don’t think you do) Why Krisstina is a minimalist even though she has plenty of money How some of the wealthiest people she works with make a smaller amount of income but make the most of it Resources We Mention Falling for Money: How to Have a Lifetime Love Affair with Your Finances Did you enjoy this episode? What other questions do you have about hormones? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Organifi and I’m so excited to tell you about them! Here’s a confession… I’ve known about them for a long time and even though so many of my friends and experts I trust rave about them, I never tried their stuff until recently because I thought… how can it actually be that good? Well, I tried it and it turns out that it is not only that good, it’s even better! Organifi has green juice, red juice (which is an antioxidant red drink that is delicious) and a golden milk turmeric drink, along with a plant-based protein shake. They are all organic and they actually taste good, unlike a lot of other green drinks and protein powders. I’ve especially been loving their


214: Using Mindset and Personalization to Make Lifelong Health Changes With Dane Johnson

Dane Johnson is a new friend of mine who just happens to be a board-certified holistic nutritionist, the founder of Crohn’s Colitis Lifestyle, and the co-founder of the nonprofit eFundYourHealth. As you can imagine, it’s hard for us to run out of topics to talk about. I’ve heard about a lot of incredible health transformations in my time, but Dane’s is at the top of the list. At the age of 26 he had a near-death experience during an unexpected bout with Crohn’s and colitis. He dropped to 124 pounds and was told he would live on drugs for the rest of his life and go through multiple surgeries (and that was the best-case scenario.) Dane eventually turned to holistic medicine to eliminate his symptoms. Not only did he regain 55 pounds of lean muscle, he is now able to function without any drugs and has a thriving career as a speaker, author, health coach, and model for a self-empowering lifestyle. I’m glad to have him here so you can hear firsthand how he did it and what he’s learned along the way. Episode Highlights With Dane Johnson How Dane went from a Crohn’s patient weighing only 124 pounds to the picture of health A surprising reason chronic disease is on the rise How to find real health answers in a sea of misinformation The microbiome changes that are affecting all of us How Dane took 40 days and drastically improved his health The biggest factors he sees as causing the rise in inflammation What a day in the life looks like for him to maintain health and healing How mindset physically affects us every single day Four keys to food philosophy that let any diet work for you How to change your body by nourishing your mind first and foremost What to do if you’re eating clean and “doing all the right things” but not getting results Resources We Mention Learn more about Dane Johnson at e-Fund Your Health (Crowdsourcing for Alternative Therapies) Ecotherapy: The Health Benefits of Nature Why Kids Need Dirt Are Food Allergies on the Rise? (& What to Do) Are you planning to make health changes in 2019? Did Dane’s insights give you some ideas? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This episode is sponsored by Fabletics. In my normal life I wear workout clothes and yoga pants more than anything else because I’m often running from gym to the grocery store to picking up kids from art class. This is why I’m super picky about the athletic wear I choose and I need it to be flattering, functional, and long lasting! That is why I am so excited to get to partner with Fabletics. Co-founded b


213: Making Food Allergy Prevention Easier With Ready, Set, Food!

Today’s episode is going to answer a lot of questions I get from you all on the topic of food allergies. It feels like every family is struggling with this in some way today, and a lot of parents are asking: what in the world is going on? Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan is both a mom and a board-certified MD who specializes in allergy, immunology, and internal medicine. She is also the chief allergist and a member of the scientific advisory board for Ready, Set, Food!, a cutting-edge new product designed to help parents reverse the trend. Episode Highlights With Ready, Set, Food! Reasons why more and more kids (and adults) are struggling with reactions to food Why some food allergies become life-threatening The differences between a food allergy and a food intolerance Why doctors are now reversing their recommendation to delay introduction of dairy, eggs, and even peanuts How to prevent food allergies from ever forming (hint: start early!) A common vitamin deficiency that could be making the problem worse What you can add to your baby’s first food or bottle to decrease their risk And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Dr. Katie, the research on food allergies, and what to do at Blog Post: Are Food Allergies on the Rise? (& What to Do) More From Wellness Mama 31: How to Know If You Have Gluten Sensitivity 125: Understanding Food Intolerance & Fighting for Your Family with JJ Virgin 155: Thriving With Food Allergies or Intolerance & Crushing Life With the Paleo Chef The GAPS Diet: Help for Food Allergies and Gut Issues? Do You Have a Stinking Gut? (And Why You Should Want One) Guide to Healthy Baby Food Best Baby Probiotics for Infants Natural & Organic Baby Formula Options Gluten Is Not a Food Group Do you or someone in your family struggle with food allergies? There’s so many questions still unanswered for parents… please send them on to me and we will try to tackle them! You can drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let me know! Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Joovv, my go-to for red light therapy, also called photobiomodulation. So what the heck is that and why do I like it so much? In short, it is a way to support the body using specific wavelengths of light. Studies show that this can improve mitochondrial


212: How to Release Cravings and Emotional Eating With EFT

As a mom, I’m ultra-aware that I’m the example my children look to when it comes to their view of food and healthy eating. Understanding the science of how our brain works and why we crave unhealthy foods is half the battle! In this fascinating interview, EFT expert Brittany Watkins shares how she ditched her unhealthy emotional eating habits and retrained her brain so she could make better food choices without a struggle. Episode Highlights on Emotional Eating The difference between cravings and emotional eating Where these issues often originate and how to determine yours Why willpower almost never works, at least over the long term How childhood experiences likely influence your eating habits as an adult The science of tapping and how it changes our brains Why we crave certain foods at certain times The real reason people are more likely to gain weight over the holidays And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Brittany at More From Wellness Mama 98: Overcoming Orthorexia With Intuitive, Mindful Eating With Devyn Sisson 87: How to Stop Emotional Eating (From a Nutritionist Who Lost 100 Pounds!) 84: How to Use Ancient Spices to Make Weight Loss Easier 72: How to Turn Off Cravings and Rewire Your Appetite with Robb Wolf 45: How to Lose Weight With Thyroid Problems EFT: How Tapping & Emotional Freedom Technique Work How to Lose Weight Fast On Women & Weight: A Manifesto 7 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings Is emotional eating a struggle for you? What has helped? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Fabletics. You’ve heard all the jokes about moms and yoga pants, but these jokes exist for a reason! Yoga pants and leggings are comfortable and practical, especially for those of us who work out almost every day but have lots of other stuff going on too. I’m a big fan of choosing products that last but that don’t break the bank and that are flattering (even after having kids when my stomach isn’t necessarily perfect anymore). I run on a tight schedule to manage businesses, kids and sneak in self-care, so I need my workout clothes to be functional for deadlifts and also cute enough to run errands or take the kids to c


211: How to Boost Your Adrenals and Cleanse Using Food With Dr. Alejandro Junger

I’m here today with someone who’s a living legend in the health world. Dr. Alejandro Junger is the New York Times bestselling author of multiple books, including Clean, Clean Gut, and Clean Eats. He trained in internal medicine in New York and completed a fellowship in cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition, Dr. Junger studied Eastern medicine in India and now brings the wisdom of Western and Eastern medicine together in his work. He also serves on the advisory council for Genexa, the company changing children’s over-the-counter meds for the better (check a store near you soon!). Many celebrities and doctors I respect follow his approach, and it’s my privilege to sit down with him today on the podcast. Episode Highlights With Alejandro Junger How adrenals work and why they’re so important to the body The causes of adrenal fatigue, and why so many of us are affected Why the gut is the most vulnerable to the outside world Ways to follow nature’s blueprint for a healthier life Which “detox” or “cleanses” have benefits… and which are gimmicks The ways the body’s natural detoxification processes work (and how we can help them along) How our thoughts affect our physical health And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Dr. Junger and his work at Genexa (natural and non-GMO saline, cold and flu, sleep aids, and other OTC meds) Books by Dr. Junger Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself Clean Eats: Over 200 Delicious Recipes to Reset Your Body’s Natural Balance and Discover What It Means to Be Truly Healthy Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health Did you enjoy this episode? What other questions do you have about adrenals? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Organifi and I’m so excited to tell you about them! Here’s a confession… I’ve known about them for a long time and even though so many of my friends and experts I trust rave about them, I never tried their stuff until recently because I thought… how can it actually be that good? Well, I tried it and it turns out that it is not only that good, it’s even better! Organifi has green juice, red juice (which is an antioxidant red drink that is delicious) and a golden milk turmeric drink, along with a plant-based protein shake. They are all organic and they actually taste g


210: Why Most Detox Methods Are Dangerous & What to Do Instead With Dr. Shayne Morris

It’s no secret that our bodies are exposed daily to more chemicals and negative inputs than previous generations, by a large margin. Enter Dr. Shayne Morris, a biochemist and molecular biologist whose life’s work is how the body can achieve detox and rid itself of toxins at a cellular level. Today, Dr. Morris will explain the biochemical channels that allow the body to detoxify, in a way we can understand, and why something called the endoplasmic reticulum is key to the whole process. I think this episode is going to dispel a lot of potentially dangerous misinformation on the topic of detoxification and really change how we think about supporting our body’s natural detox abilities. Episode Highlights With Dr. Shayne Morris Why present-day chemical exposure is unprecedented in human history Whether fasting, smoothie diets, and other popular at-home detoxes really work The difference between detox at a cellular level and more surface level systems The 3 key phases of detoxification, and what the body does at each step Why constant plastic exposure is harming us How metals can be harmful and how we have to treat them differently than other things we detox from Where mold and other natural toxins come in to play The “waste treatment plant” of your cell and how to activate it What zeolite is and why it can be so beneficial Why the smooth endoplasmic reticulum is so important to true detoxification How supplements like chlorella, chlorophyll, and glutathione can help And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Dr. Shayne Morris, his work, and the detox program he recommends at 134: Five Benefits of Fasting, Autophagy, Diet Variation & Cellular Healing with Dr. Daniel Pompa The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox Book More From Wellness Mama 201: Understanding Fasting & Keto for Women (Even During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding) + Instant Pot Tips 113: Toxic Metals That Cause Fatigue and How to Detox Them 67: Easy Everyday Detox Tips with Megan the Detoxinista 146: Is Chiropractic Safe and How to Detox Safely with Dr. Hardick The Dangers of Plastic How to Detox Heavy Metals Safely (& Get More Energy) Chlorella Benefits & Uses (and When It Can Be Dangerous) The Master Antioxidant: Glutathione Intermittent Fasting: Can Skipping Meals Make You Healthier? <a href="


209: Sun Protection and Anti-Aging From the Inside Out With Polypodium Leucotomos

In this episode, Katie talks to Sundaily founders Chris Tolles and Dr. Emilia Javorsky about how to protect your skin and slow aging from the inside out all with the help of a little-known substance called polypodium leucotomos. They delve into the role of antioxidants and which ones work, why sunscreen isn’t the only answer (and sometimes isn’t even a good one), and much more. A quick FYI, when we recorded this episode, they were Sundots, but they’ve renamed the company since… so don’t be surprised! The only thing that has changed is their name! Episode Highlights What polypodium leucotomos is and how studies show it can protect skin The way vitamin D deficiency fits into the sun exposure equation How internal sun exposure works and how to optimize it The problems with many sunscreens and what to look for in a healthy one What UVA and UVB are and how they are different The false safety net that comes with many sunscreens What the research says about how to protect skin from the inside out against sun damage and aging How antioxidants in food and supplements may help protect the skin And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Sundaily and the research behind it here Astaxanthin PuraThrive Vitamin C EverlyWell Vitamin D Test SteadyMD The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (going on my Christmas gift list!) The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell More From Wellness Mama Ascorbic Acid: Vitamin C Benefits, Sources & Cautions Natural Homemade Sunscreen Recipe Why I Eat My Sunscreen to Protect Skin From the Inside Out Benefits of Safe Sun Exposure for Reduced Cancer Risk (& Vitamin D) Why (Most) Sunscreen Is Harmful Benefits of Green Tea Your turn! Which camp are you in… sun-shy or sun-seeker? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the p


208: Understanding Superbugs & Antibiotic Resistance With Marjory Wildcraft

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of The Grow Network, an organization working tirelessly to protect the environment and create a greener Earth. Marjory shares why commercial agriculture and conventional medicine are two of the most destructive forces on the planet, and why we can and should grow and make our own medicine and food. Episode Highlights With Marjory Wildcraft A big problem with the current thinking on germs The link between penicillin and MRSA Factors contributing to the rise in superbugs Why antibiotic overuse is so dangerous and what to do about it A very important reason to choose only organic and grass-fed meat without antibiotics Why superbugs could mean the end of modern medicine as we know it When antibiotics are actually needed for ear infections Why superbugs may mean that one day there will be no such thing as a minor surgery What we can all do individually to help stop the spread of superbugs And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Marjory Wildcraft and The Grow Network here. Vitamin C & sepsis study published in Chest Video: Treating Infections Without Antibiotics SteadyMD Just Thrive Probiotics Book: Avalanche: Heretical Reflections on the Dark and the Light More From Wellness Mama 96: Using Natural and Traditional Medicine to Fix the Gut Microbiome with Dr. Ken Brown Why I Don’t Use Antibacterial Soap Why I Don’t Reduce a Fever (& What I Do Instead) How to Make Elderberry Syrup How to Make an Herbal Poultice Ear Infection Natural Remedies Garlic Olive Oil Remedy for Ear Infections What’s in My Medicine Cabinet How to Test Your Gut Microbiome (At Home Without a Doctor) Did you enjoy this episode? What other questions do you have about superbugs? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podca


207: Santa Sold Shrooms? The Untold Story of St. Nick (& How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays) With Tero Isokauppila

Tero Isokauppila is the founder and President of Four Sigmatic, a natural superfoods company specializing in mushroom-based drink powders. I’ve interviewed him before about the many benefits of medicinal mushrooms like chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi. Today I get to talk to him again about a different type of mushroom and the legend surrounding it, especially relating to the Finish interpretation of the story of Santa. Tero grew up in Finland on a family farm where his relatives had been farming and foraging for generations. We delve into this fascinating story of Christmas from another culture and also ways to stay healthy over the holidays. Episode Highlights: “Santa Sold Shrooms” Who the Sami people are and how they are pivotal to the legend of Santa Where the idea of Reindeer came from Where the tradition of Christmas trees came from and what red ornaments originally were The history of the star on top of the Christmas tree What we can learn from Finnish tradition about staying healthy in the winter Foods and herbs that boost the immune system and help us avoid getting sick The reason saunas are such an important part of life in Finland A powerful lesson we can learn from the seasonal eating traditions around the world Resources We Mention Santa Sold Shrooms (Kindle) Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee and elixirs At-home sauna (some saunas are also on a great sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday) 163: Fascinating Fungi & How to Use Medicinal Mushrooms With Tero Isokauppila More From Wellness Mama Advent Family Traditions (+ DIY Wreath & Calendars) The Tradition of St. Nicholas Day Around the World (December 6th) Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits for Cognition, Memory & More Chaga: King of Medicinal Mushrooms Reishi Mushroom Benefits for Immunity, Longevity & More Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu (To Help Recover Faster) Optimal Diet for Flu Season Infrared Sauna Benefits (& the Risks) Have you ever heard this Santa story before? What other traditions do you celebrate? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value kn


206: Your Parenting Mojo on Why We Need to Let Our Kids Take More Risks

Today’s guest Jen Lumanlan is the host of the fascinating “Your Parenting Mojo” podcast, which is all about helping parents find (and fine-tune) their own unique way of raising their kids. I’ve wanted to meet Jen Lumanlan ever since I heard her story. Jen decided to turn her self-proclaimed lack of parenting intuition into an opportunity by using her love for research to bridge the gap (hmm… sounds familiar!). She now has both a master’s degree in psychology and education and shares what she’s learned with parents everywhere. If you’re a parent and want some new ideas based on scientific research and the principles of respectful parenting, check out the Your Parenting Mojo podcast. I’ve been listening for a while now and it’s hands-down amazing… let me know what you think! Episode Highlights: Your Parenting Mojo Why anxiety disorders are on the rise in children Reasons kids need risks in order to be safe The importance of play at high speed for kids on things like bikes, sleds, etc. Why sharp tools are important… yes, including knives and saws! How kids learn from rough and tumble play Benefits of children “getting lost” (in a safe way) occasionally And more! Resources We Mention Find Jen and the Your Parenting Mojo podcast at Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood into a Play to Play by Mike Lanza How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julie Lythcott-Haims Your Self-Confident Baby: How to Encourage Your Child’s Natural Abilities From the Very Start by Magda Gerber and Allison Johnson More From Wellness Mama 176: Heather Chauvin on Letting Go of Mom Guilt, Ending Tantrums, & Mindful Discipline 85: How to Raise an Entrepreneur: Nurturing Risk Takers, Problem Solvers, & Change Makers 197: The Opposite of Being Spoiled: Raising Financially Responsible Kids With Ron Lieber Overprotected Childhood: How Keeping Kids Safe Is Actually Harming Them 9 Important Skills We Owe It to Our Kids to Teach Them How to Build a Treehouse for Fun & Exercise How to Create the Ultimate Active Backyard What stood out to you in this episode? Do you agree with Jen’s take on good parenting practices? Please drop a comment below or <a href="


205: Everything You Need to Know About GMOs, Glyphosate, and Gut Health With Dr. Zach Bush

You guys know I’m a science geek, so I’m pretty much in awe of today’s guest. Dr. Zach Bush, MD, is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country. He’s made a tremendous impact in the scientific and medical community in 2012 when he and his team discovered a family of carbon-based redox molecules made by bacteria. Since then he and his team demonstrated that this cellular communication network forms in response to the pesticide glyphosate, as well as the many other dietary, chemical, and pharmaceutical toxins that disrupt our body’s immune system. To help solve the epidemic cases of leaky gut and gut imbalance, Dr. Bush has designed a revolutionary class of dietary supplements called RESTORE. On a personal note, Dr. Bush points to his kids as the driving force behind his passion for change. His work revolves around his mission to give them a much brighter and healthier future. Episode Highlights With Zach Bush The surprising things Dr. Bush found in his cancer research that affect all of us How glyphosate functions as an antibiotic in the body and why this is so dangerous Why 46% of American children have a chronic disease diagnosis (when in the 1960s only 4% of the entire population did) The way common farming practices is sterilizing the soil and our guts How a single application of glyphosate can kill 50% of earthworms in the soil How cell suicide is so important to health and how to make sure it happens correctly Why the US is 49th in the world and falling in healthcare outcomes How Dr. Bush’s clinical work led him to re-evaluate what he had been taught The way we can reverse 18 years of chemical farming in just 18 months if we try How we could all change the world by growing 1-5% of our food A cool educational experiment you can do with kids to understand the gut microbiome And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Dr. Zach Bush and his work at RESTORE supplements Farmer’s Footprint documentary and movement More From Wellness Mama 35: GMOs & How to Test for Glyphosate 133: GMOs, Glyphosate, Organic Food & What’s Making Our Children Sick 62: Good Clean Dirt with Jasmina Aganovic of Mother Dirt It’s Time to Bring Back Victory Gardens Organic Gardening 101: How to Start Your Own Backyard Garden Organic Pest Control for Gardens (Natural Options) Health Benefits of Fermented Foods Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe (Easy Countertop Method) <li


204: The Rise of Autoimmune Disease (& How to Thrive Even If You Have It) With Dr. Guillermo Ruiz

It is no secret that autoimmune disease is on the rise, and many of us may have it and not even know. Today I talk to Dr. Guillermo Ruiz, a graduate medical student from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine about why we’re seeing such an increase and what to do about it. Dr. Ruiz currently practices at Integrative Health in Scottsdale Arizona where he specializes in endocrinology. (Fun fact: His mentor is the doctor who finally diagnosed and helped me with my thyroid condition, Dr. Alan Christianson.) If you have an autoimmune imbalance or suspect you do, I highly recommend you check out Dr. Ruiz’s blog and podcast (see links below). Episode Highlights With Dr. Guillermo Ruiz What autoimmune disease is (& warning signs to look for) The 3 big causes of autoimmune disease What inflammation has to do with it Major misunderstandings about how to treat autoimmunity Why we should cycle supplements The truth about remission: can autoimmune disease ever really go away? And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Dr. Guillermo Ruiz and his practice at or his podcast 30/30 Health. Autoimmune Strong (autoimmune-specific exercise program) Organifi Greens Powder Ojai Energetics MagSRT (magnesium supplement) Just Thrive (probiotic supplement) Podcast 142: Is Adrenal Fatigue Real or Just Bad Science? With Ari Whitten The Energy Blueprint Podcast with Ari Whitten Dr. Alan Christianson Bo Dr. Guillermo Recommends On the Road by Jack Karouac The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes The Metabolism Reset Diet: Repair Your Liver, Stop Storing Fat, and Lose Weight Naturally by Dr. Alan Christianson More From Wellness Mama <a href="ht


203: Hidden EMF Dangers and How to Mitigate Them With Geobiologist Brian Hoyer

EMF is an invisible but growing problem as our world becomes increasingly connected. Not everyone agrees, but the rise in EMFs in our environment in the last several decades is starting to have a noticeable effect on our health. Geobiologist Brian Hoyer explains the worst sources of EMF exposure and what to do about them. Episode Highlights With Brian Hoyer the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation how EMFs impact the body and what we need to be careful about how voltage-gated calcium channels help us understand how EMFs affect the body the connection between EMFs and cortisol the things Brian looks for when he does an EMF assessment of a home three types of fields found in most homes and how they impact health the tangible changes he has seen in clients just by changing EMF exposure the reason to avoid grounding products until you’ve mitigated EMFs what meters to use to measure EMFs and what to look for and more! Resources We Mention Find Brian at or follow him on Facebook at (look up towers near a home) EMF Kill Switch TriField EMF meter ENV RD-10 meter How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Signs and Symptoms From a Function Perspective by Dicken Weatherby, ND Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and What You Can Do About It by Martin Blank More From Wellness Mama 193: How to Protect Your Family From the Rise of 5G & Other EMFs 178: A Pediatrician Explains How EMF Kill Switches Can Protect Our Children 154: Understanding and Mitigating EMFs in the Home With Peter Sierck From EMFRF 73: The Truth About EMFs, WiFi, and Radiation (+ How to Avoid Them!) Is EMF Exposure Really a Big Deal? Do you do anything in your home to mitigate EMFs? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well! Thank You to Today’s Sponsors <stro


202: How Footwear Affects Posture, Alignment, & Movement With Gordon Hay From ALINE

You guys know that I’ve been on the barefoot bandwagon for a very long time, but today’s episode has changed some of the ways I think about alignment and foot health. Gordon Hay is the cofounder, inventor, and creative visionary for ALINE Systems, a footwear technology company making waves in the industry. Many ESPN Summer and Winter X-Games athletes even use these insoles. Gordon has so much fascinating research and information about the ways that we can properly support our feet. And it turns out barefoot may not always be the way to go after all! Episode Highlights With Gordon Hay of ALINE why we do sometimes need shoes in today’s world the best way to handle footwear in kids the three-part approach needed for proper alignment what a “footwear diet” is and how to find good footwear Gordon’s thoughts on flip flops and high heels… the two extremes of shoes the “junk food” footwear to avoid and more! Resources We Mention ALINE System insoles Balance Board Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins More From Wellness Mama Benefits of Going Barefoot (and the Best Barefoot Shoes) How to Find the Best Minimalist Shoes (for Adults and Kids) Alternatives to Using a Chair at a Desk Is Sitting Worse than Eating Donuts? 7 Fun Ways to Exercise As A Family Earthing & Grounding: Legit or Hype? (How to & When Not To) What’s your favorite footwear? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This podcast is brought to you by Four Sigmatic. If you’ve tried their delicious coffees and elixirs you know just how delicious they are, and if you haven’t, you are missing out! They create superfood mushroom drinks that are easy to incorporate into your life. Their coffee packets, for instance, are easy to mix into hot or cold liquid, taste amazing and have the added benefit of mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Cordycepts to give your brain an extra boost. Studies continually show the benefits of these superfood medicinal mushrooms for brain health, immune health, and so much more. My favorite is the coffee with Lion’s mane in the morning for a smooth boost without t


201: Understanding Fasting & Keto for Women (Even During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding) + Instant Pot Tips

I am here today with a dear friend and one of my mentors, Mark Sisson, who is the New York Times bestselling author of the Keto Reset Diet. He is now also the bestselling author of the Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook which is full of delicious recipes that are 100% tailored to a ketogenic diet. And you already know I love my Instant Pot! You probably know Mark as the author of The Primal Blueprint and founder of Primal Kitchen, which is one of my favorite brands of condiments and mayo. He’s also a former world-class endurance athlete and one of the leading voices in the evolutionary health movement. It all started with Mark’s popular blog,, which paved the way for many of us in the primal paleo and health worlds. He was one of the first to challenge conventional wisdom about diet and exercise principles and start a movement encouraging an attitude of personal responsibility toward health. Episode Highlights: Instant Pot Tips for Healthy Eating How a ketogenic diet works and why you’d want to try it (Mark makes it so simple!) Why what you eat determines your gut biome Getting to a place of metabolic flexibility & how to find the sweet spot Whether or not keto is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding How much fat is too much… and whether the kind of fat matters And more! Resources We Mention Primal Kitchen Instant Pot The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook The Primal Blueprint Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey More From Wellness Mama 116: How to Reboot Your Metabolism Using the Keto Reset Diet With Mark Sisson 98: Overcoming Orthorexia with Intuitive, Mindful Eating with Devyn Sisson 75: Rock the Instant Pot and Ferment Anything with Wardeh Harmon 143: Thomas DeLauer on Reducing Inflammation, Curcumin, Keto for Women, & Easy Weight Loss How to Do a Ketogenic Diet (& Is It Safe for Women?) Instant Pot Pressure Cooker: Review + Recipes 2-Minute Healthy Mayonnaise Recipe (Paleo, Whole 30)


200th Episode – Most Important Thing for Health

This episode marks the 200th episode of The Wellness Mama Podcast! Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor of speaking to almost 200 experts and spending 200+ hours of time with you! In this 200th episode, Heather and I recap a few listener favorite episodes and share our biggest takeaways. We also talk in-depth about a recurring theme throughout the past episodes that reveals the most important factor for health…. and it probably isn’t what you’d think. Here’s a few hints: It has nothing to do with food. Or exercise. Or even avoiding harmful chemicals in the environment. Those are all important, of course, but there’s something more and many of us miss it in modern life. It is present in all Blue Zones and in the individual lives of centenarians. Some statistics show that it is more important than quitting smoking and twice as important as regular exercise. In fact, lack of this is correlated with a much higher chance of dying and with depression. If you’ve guessed that I’m talking about community and relationships… you’re exactly right! Why Relationships Matter So Much In the modern world, we have no lack of digital connection, but this sometimes comes at the detriment of real human connection. When we delve into the stats, it turns out that having a solid and regular connection with real people is perhaps the most important thing we can do for our health. Not having these strong relationships/connections is linked to early death, higher risk of heart attack, and much more. And we can be at risk even if we don’t feel lonely. We may feel connected with constant access to social media, but it isn’t the same… not even close. In this episode, Heather and I talk about the recent events that made us realize the power of community in a whole new way, and what it’s got us thinking about. 200th Episode Highlights our hurricane evacuation story… and the surprising things we learned the post-hurricane recovery and what’s happening on the ground the biggest factor that can impact health (more than smoking or not exercising) practical ways to foster these relationships in an increasingly digital world which factors need to be present to get the benefits of community how we can encourage our children to have healthy relationships from an early age and more! Resources We Mention Dare to Lead by Brené Brown (2018) Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown JustThrive Probiotics More of Our Favorites 90: A Mind Of Your Own: Tackling Mental Illness and Fixing Hormones with Dr. Kelly Brogan 161: Helping Stop Sex Trafficking & Keeping Kids Safe With Operation Underground Railroad 163: Fascinating Fung


198: How to Be Green Enough & Avoid the Worst Offenders in Your Home With Leah Segedie

We’ve talked a lot about how to avoid chemicals at home and basically how to make home a safer place for our kids and families. It’s a worthy goal but it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it starts to sound like everything from air to water to candles to carpet is dangerous. That’s why I love Leah Segedie, my guest today and author of the book Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier — All Without Driving Your Family Crazy. That title is right on the money and something all of us moms are trying to do. Leah is a food activist and the founder of the Mamavation Community, which teaches moms like us healthy living practices to combat disease starting in the home. Her ultimate goal is to make healthy living easy to put into practice, without living in a bubble or spending thousands on expensive products. She’s always a blast to talk to and I’m looking forward to comparing notes! Episode Highlights: Green Enough With Leah Segedie the biggest source of hormone-disrupting BPA and how to avoid it (p.s. it’s not canned goods) three basic things to avoid inside your home, period the no-cost way to reduce chemical exposure inside your home how to find balance in the quest to have a healthy family the ways fire retardants cause damage rather than prevent it which plastics are the least harmful, and which to always avoid why you should throw out every kitchen utensil made with black plastic the places phthalates are hiding in your home problems with tampons (and what to use instead) and more! Resources We Mention Sign Leah’s petition asking Target to switch to safe receipts Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier–All Without Driving Your Family Crazy! by Leah Segedie Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival?–A Scientific Detective Story by Theo Colborn Best dryer sheets: Eco Pure (reusable) or Grab Green Best laundry detergents: Attitude, BioClean, Charlie’s Soap, Eco Nuts, Eco-Me, Grab Green, and Molly Suds Menstrual cups: <a href="https://we


197: The Opposite of Being Spoiled: Raising Financially Responsible Kids With Ron Lieber

Today’s guest isn’t an expert on health… unless you’re talking about financial health! Ron Lieber has been the “Your Money” columnist for the New York Times since 2008. He also a dad, and wrote some incredible best-selling books about teaching kids to manage money and plan for their financial future. I especially love his book The Opposite of Spoiled and think it’s such a needed message for kids today. Second to the birds and the bees conversation, this is probably one of the toughest topics for parents to address with their children. Today Ron gives guidance on when and how to start talking to your kids about money, and his approach makes so much sense as our kids prepare for adulthood in a fast-changing world. Episode Highlights With Ron Lieber why so many parents feel uncomfortable teaching their kids about money what can happen if you put off the conversation for too long the reason to let your kids make financial mistakes… & why it’s so good for them why keeping kids in the dark about family finances may actually make them more anxious ways to help kids learn the difference between needs and wants (not a bad thing for us to learn either!) why today’s kids are more likely than ever to be unprepared for adulthood strategies for knowing when and how your child is ready for the big plunge: a phone and a car what our family will make our kids do before they can drive a car Ron Lieber’s thoughts on saving for college… it might surprise you! why it’s never too late to start talking about money as a family Resources We Mention FamZoo Allowance Manager Ron Lieber on How to Give Kids Allowance (video)  Books by Ron Lieber The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money Taking Time Off: Inspiring Stories of Students Who Enjoyed Successful Breaks From College and How You Can Plan Your Own Upstart Start-Ups!: How 34 Young Entrepreneurs Overcame Youth, Inexperience, and Lack of Money to Create Thriving Businesses Ron Lieber Quotables “College is wasted on 18-year-olds. You should go do something else in the world for a year or two. You should start a business, you should serve your country, in some way, shape, or form. You should work and then take the money to travel or do something to support your family or volunteer work, you know, all sorts of things. You should go and get some experience out in the world that you can bring back to bear on your undergraduate education and I hope that everybody out there who’s listening, who thinks they have, you know, college-bound kids on their hands, wi


196: How the Modern World Is Changing Our Hormones (& How to Create a Balance Plan)

As women and moms, I’m not sure we can ever get enough information about our hormones and how they work. Today I’m here with Angelique Panagos, a registered nutritional therapist and the author of a book I read recently called The Balance Plan. It stood out to me as a life-changing book and a message you all would want to hear. Angelique specializes in hormone health, stress management, weight management, and digestive wellness. I love her philosophy that food affects every cell in our bodies (even our thoughts!) and I can’t wait to dive in deep in this conversation today. Episode Highlights: How to Make a Hormone Balance Plan the incredible effect stress has on hormones, weight, mood, and overall health best foods to eat for hormone balance (and the foods that trip us up) what gaining weight around the middle tells you about your health how technology is separating us from true community why sugar is a hormone deregulator and how to kick the habit whether keto is good for hormones (and women in general) important information periods tell us about our health what to do if you get a PCOS or endometriosis diagnosis and more! Resources We Mention The Balance Plan: 6 Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health by Angelique Panagos EverlyWell Vegetable spiralizer Blue-light blocking glasses f.lux Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky Angelique Panagos Quotables “We’re going to beds with our iPads, our laptops, our devices instead of our partners and we’re staring at this blue light and that in itself is having a negative effect on hormonal health and on our cortisol balance again, so that stress hormone balance. If we start looking at all these different factors, throw in the lack of movement and lack of exercise as well, what it’s creating is this perfect storm, this perfect hormonal storm.” “Your genes load the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger.” More From Wellness Mama 79: Using Naturopathic Medicine to Beat Hormone Imbalance & Nutrient Deficiencies 80: What Your Monthly Cycle Reveals About Your Hormones With Alisa Vitti 89: Why Sleep Is More Important Than Diet and Exercise Combined with Shawn Stevenson 90: A Mind Of Your Own: Tackling Mental Illness and Fixing Hormones with Dr. Kelly Brogan <a href="


195: Saunacast: a Huge Announcement from Mommypotamus & Wellness Mama

If you know me, you probably know my friend Heather of Mommypotamus. We’re known for hanging out in the sauna together (usually over a glass of wine), talking about all of the highs and lows of blogging, parenting, building community, and life with kids. I always joke that Heather and I think so much alike we must share a brain. Well, we’ve hatched an idea together and today we plan to share it with all of you! We can’t wait to hear what you think and hope you’ll be as excited as we are! Episode Highlights With Mommypotamus thoughts about the way we were raised… and what we want to pass on to our kids our favorite books that have helped shape our parenting and life goals the reason academic success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be how we found out failure isn’t something to fear our view on cell phones and kids (maybe not the most popular) the highs and lows of blogging, and what we’ve learned since this all began why being vulnerable is hard but worth it how we’re navigating big life changes… and what we’re finding out as we go AND one very big announcement we’ve been dying to share with you! Resources We Mention Podcast: Meta Learning, Speed Reading, and How to Learn Faster With Jim Kwik Freakonomics podcast Operation Underground Railroad Oura Ring EMF Kill Switch Our Favorite Books How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims Playborhood: Turning Your Neighborhood Into a Place to Play by Mike Lanza Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance by Steven Kotler Barefoot and Balanced: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable Children by Angela Hanscom Daring Greatly by Brené Brown More From Wellness Mama & Mommypotamus 167: Lessons We Can Learn from Europe and Natural Wines 191: Understanding How Gaming Disorder & Gaming Addiction Are Affecting Our Kids 193: How


194: Longevity, Autoimmunity, & Plant-Based Diets With Nora Gedgaudas

I could not be more excited about today’s conversation and today’s guest because I am here with Nora Gedgaudas who is by and large one of the early leaders in the ancestral health and healthy living movement. Her work is brilliant and she is one of the best researchers I know. Here’s just a short intro to her long list of accomplishments: Nora Gedgaudas is a board-certified nutritional consultant and a board-certified clinical neurofeedback specialist with over 20 years of clinical experience solving the toughest health cases. She’s a world-recognized authority on ketogenic diets, ancestrally based nutrition, and has best-selling books including Primal Body, Primal Mind, Rethinking Fatigue, and her newest book, Primal Fat Burner: Live Longer, Slow Aging, and Super-Power Your Brain and Save Your Life With a High Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet. (That’s a mouthful!) Nora offers a Primalgenic health certification program, one of the best out there, called Primal Restoration. It’s a unique and invaluable source of unique cutting-edge information. If you can’t tell, I really respect her research and I’ll link to as much of it as possible in the resources below. Let’s get into it! Episode Highlights With Nora Gedgaudas how Nora’s health career came out of her personal fight against chronic depression why she resists the labels “paleo” and “ketogenic” and came up with a new approach how much protein we really need and why we shouldn’t eat too much the reason our diet should be high in vegetables by volume and fat by calories why the vast majority of people with autoimmune disease may never know it the new metabolic pathway science just discovered and what it could explain about cancer growth how gluten sensitivity may not be something you can heal (sad) “oral tolerance” — what it is and how it’s just as important as healing your gut the surprising reason we actually don’t need dietary carbohydrates if women can handle a keto diet for the long-term Nora’s take on longevity (it’s fascinating!) so much more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Nora’s programs at Nora’s Primal Restoration Certification Course Cyrex Labs The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller For Your Own Good by Alice Miller Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat Books by Nora Gedgaudas Primal Fat Burner Primal Body, Primal Mind <a href="


193: How to Protect Your Family From the Rise of 5G & Other EMFs

The controversy surrounding EMFs never seems to end, and with good reason. The technology is changing quickly with the rise of 5G and wireless technology being in everything from your car to your fridge. The truth is, we don’t know the health effects of this technology and won’t fully know for years. We’ve tackled this topic a few times on the podcast and the blog, but today we’ll get an update from EMF expert Daniel DeBaun of DefenderShield on new developments. Episode Highlights: The Advent of 5G what non-ionizing radiation is and why we need to be cautious of it what’s coming with 5G and why it is a big deal the surprising difference between 3G, 4G, and 5G why 5 G represents a much bigger jump than previous generations how the EMF controversy can be related to trans fats how our current safety standards for cell phones was set 35 years ago (and needs an update) why kids are more vulnerable to the effects of EMFs than adults why women are more electrosensitive than men the effect of blue light from screens on circadian rhythm and sleep what studies show about EMFs, laptops, and sperm practical modifications you can make to your home and devices to make them safer and more! Resources We Mention For the research and studies Daniel mentions see Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology by Daniel DeBaun The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Body of Life by Robert Becker and Gary Selden DefenderShield for laptops Shields for tablets EMF shielding phone cases Programmable outlet timer Blue light blocking glasses More From Wellness Mama 73: The Truth About EMFs, WiFi, and Radiation (+ How to Avoid Them!) 120: A Real-Life Approach to Reducing EMFs with Dr. Libby Darnell 154: Understanding and Mitigating EMFs in the Home With Peter Sierck From EMFRF 178: A Pediatrician Explains How EMFs Are Dramatically Affecting Our Children With EMF Kill Switch</


192: How to Avoid Rushing Woman Syndrome & Balance Hormones With Dr. Sonya Jensen

Do you ever feel stressed about trying not to be stressed? I’m sure we’ve all been there, and I’m grateful we have an expert like Dr. Sonya Jensen to talk in-depth about some of the pressures (and opportunities) women face today. We’ll go deep on topics hormone balance, anxiety, detox, and how to have a healthy mindset. Dr. Sonya has done extensive work around the globe providing naturopathic maternal and pediatric health care, and her experiences confirmed her desire to help women everywhere live free and balanced lives. She now offers weekly or monthly workshops for women to support them in all aspects of life. Check out her upcoming workshops and retreats below (as well as a special discount for Wellness Mama listeners!). Episode Highlights With Dr. Sonya Jensen what “Rushing Woman Syndrome” is and how to overcome it what happens to your progesterone if you are stressed the reason we need progesterone and why we feel terrible when we don’t have enough why it is not all in your head and how to find your hormonal root causes foods to support natural progesterone production the link between mindset and hormones her approach to heavy metals in the body how children are getting heavy metal toxicity in the womb the many reasons we are living in the most toxic time in human history how to use nature to optimize cortisol how a simple breath practice can help put the body into a parasympathetic state factors we can use to optimize our children’s health from an early age Resources We Mention Divine Elements (Dr. Sonya’s practice) Naturally Brave Retreats (next retreat Feb. 5-10, 2019 – enter code “wellnessmama” for $200 off) Progesterone cream Kids Cook Real Food e-course Dr. Pompa True Cellular Detox Daring Greatly by Brené Brown Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It by Kelly McGonigal The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (a personal favorite of mine) Episode Quotables From Dr. Sonya We are not just living for ourselves but we are living for the generations to come. I think it’s so important to show [our kids] our vulnerability and show them this side of us that we too are still learning. It makes it part of the family’s growth if you’


191: Understanding How Gaming Disorder & Gaming Addiction Are Affecting Our Kids

Are video games a fun way to unwind, or a deeper problem? My guest today is clear on his answer. Dr. Sam Shay is a chiropractor with a background in functional nutrition and testing, but he hasn’t always been as healthy as he is today. Dr. Shay walked his own journey to overcome his 25-year addiction to video games, a 15-year addiction to sugar, as well his insomnia, gut problems, and low mood. Now, Dr. Shay uses his experience and training to help those with gaming disorder unplug from their screens and plug back into their lives. Dr. Shay also coaches concerned family and friends of problem gamers on how to help support the unplugging process. Episode Highlights: Gaming Addiction the six major reasons video games are so addictive important signs to look for in those struggling with gaming addiction the primal reflex in the brain that makes game addiction more likely why the “stereotypical gamers” (teenage boys) make up only 17% of gamers today why boredom is such a dangerous emotion, and what to do about it as a parent an important correlation (and a major difference) between game addiction and recreational drug addiction how the CDC definition of heavy drinking also applies to gaming disorder the reason to remove all gaming systems from the bedroom good guidelines to establish for healthy gaming an important reason not to play games at night for the sake of your nervous system! the surprising reason gaming can lead to other risky behaviors and more Resources We Mention E-book: Help for Gaming Addiction Article: Video Games as Parenting Tools: How It Backfires Article: Video Game Holiday/Weekend Survival Guide E-Course: Tribe: On Homecoming & Belonging by Sebastian Junger It’s Not OK to Be a Cannibal by Andrew Wainwright and Robert Poznanovich Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care More From Wellness Mama Overprotected Childhood: How Keeping Kids Safe Is Actually Harming Them Best Travel Games and Activities for Kids Reasons to Create Family Time Traditions (+ Ideas) How Your Phone Is Changing Your Brain Do you know someone who struggles with game addiction? What do you think of Dr. Shay’s analysis of gaming disorder? Also, please take two minutes to <a href="https://itunes.a


190: The Easiest Way to Track HRV, Sleep, and Movement With Oura Ring

I seriously cannot wait to dive into this episode because we’re going deep on a topic near and dear to every mom’s heart (and sanity)… how to get better sleep! Whether it’s due to kids, working late, electronics addiction, or you plain just can’t sleep… too many of us are skipping precious hours of shut-eye. This impacts health more than we realize. Today I’m here with Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Health, the company that makes Oura Ring, the sleep and activity tracker that I have been using to track the quality of my sleep as well as fertility markers. He has some fascinating facts to share about how our bodies function during sleep, why we need it so much, and natural ways to solve sleep problems. Episode Highlights: Oura Ring why shift work is considered a carcinogen the real problems that happen when you don’t sleep sneaky little habits that rob us of the quality sleep we need what the brain and body do while sleeping (it’s fascinating!) why you feel extra groggy some mornings what the Oura Ring can do to track heart rate variability and improve your sleep patterns and more! Resources We Mention Oura Ring – use discount code “wellnessmama” to save $50 on any of their rings Why We Sleep by Matt Walker Ishmael by Daniel Quinn Chili Pad Blackout curtains More From Wellness Mama 58: How Knowing Your Chronotype Can Improve Your Sleep 89: Why Sleep Is More Important Than Diet and Exercise Combined with Shawn Stevenson 132: How to Use Cannabidiol or CBD for Sleep, Hormones, and Health 9 Lessons We Can Learn From Europe (Food, Wine & Sleep) Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep (Even If You’re a Mom!) Can a Weighted Blanket Transform Your Kid’s Sleep? How to Create a Perfect Sleep Environment What kind of sleep are you getting? Do you use any kind of sleep tracker like the Oura Ring? Also, please take two minutes to leave a review on iTunes. I value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well! Many Thanks to Today’s Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Perfect Keto. I have heard from a lot of you who are trying the keto diet right now. And Perfect Keto has


189: How Red Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation Works & How to Get the Benefits With Joovv

You’ve probably seen me post pictures on Instagram where I look like something out of Star Wars using my Joovv red light therapy device. I first started this health experiment about a year ago, and I’ve gotten so many questions from you all about how it works that today we’re back with Joovv creators (and husband and wife team) Justin and Melissa. Fun fact… they also get to work together just like my husband and I do! (And they also have six kids!) I know this episode will be super enlightening for us (pun totally intended) and I’m ready with my second round of questions! Episode Highlights With Justin & Melissa of Joovv what got Justin and Melissa interested in red light therapy in the first place how they made their first homemade red light prototype why precise wavelengths of light can penetrate the body’s cells and boost healthy ATP function what the science shows about photobiomodulation (red light therapy) benefits for skin, vision, muscle recovery, wound healing, hormone balance, and more key differences between the sauna and red light therapy the interesting way infrared light mimics cardiovascular exercise why red light therapy may counteract the effects of EMF and Wi-Fi on our cells how Joovv may benefit the man in your life by boosting testosterone production and more! Resources We Mention Learn all about Joovv devices here  – and don’t forget to use the code “wellnessmama” to get a free gift! Oura Ring for sleep tracking (Use the code “wellnessmama” for $50 off) Do Schools Kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick More From Wellness Mama 94: Low Level Red Light Therapy for Cellular Health and Healing The Benefits of Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation) Infrared Sauna Benefits (& the Risks) Is EMF Exposure Really a Big Deal? Have you ever tried red light therapy? What benefits did you see? Also, please take two minutes to leave a review on iTunes. I value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well! Many Thanks to Today’s Sponsors This podcast is brought to you by Four Sigmatic – that is my source for delicious coffees, teas and elixirs that all contain beneficial medicinal mushrooms like Lions Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi and others. These mushrooms have a long history of use and a lot of studies to back up their many benefits. I personally fell in love with all of their mushroom coff


188: Saunacast: How We Took Control of Our Healthcare and Insurance (& Saved Money)

It is no secret that we live in a world where we face a lot of potentially harmful things on a daily basis. From plastic exposure to all of the additives in our food system and even over-exposure to blue-light, our bodies face a lot each day. These, and many other factors, may help explain why we’re seeing such a drastic rise in so many challenging health conditions that don’t respond to a simple cause>symptom>treatment medical model. In this Saunacast, Katie and Heather Dessinger share how they (and their families) have both faced unconventional health problems and the great lengths (and expense) it took to find results. The Two Factors That Changed Everything Katie’s struggle with Hashimoto’s and Heather’s family struggles with other health issues led them to a lot of research. This also set in motion a long process of trying to find doctors and practitioners within the traditional insurance model who understood the complexities of these conditions. Eventually, frustrated by the inability to work within the system, they both considered an unconventional approach that finally led to answers (and to saving a lot of money in the long run!) Today, they share the system that has worked for both of them and how to customize this system to work for your family. Concierge Medicine Using a concierge model for a primary care doctor, both Katie and Heather were able to find a doctor who had the time and expertise to help with their health challenges. The benefits are that these doctors know their entire medical history and have fewer patients and more time for each patient. Having more time means these doctors actually have the bandwidth to research and specialize in specific conditions and challenges. Thanks to technology, these doctors are available whenever they are needed via email, text, or video chat and can work with specialists in their local area when needed. They each now pay a small monthly fee to have their doctor available whenever needed, and there are no additional copays, charges for talking to the doctors, or other unusual fees (other than external fees like labs, which are done through inexpensive local options). Healthcare Sharing The other piece that made their plan work was switching to health care sharing instead of traditional insurance. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here’s the basic gist: Instead of paying money to an insurance company each month, they each now send money directly to a person or family who has a medical need that month. In the event that one of their families has a medical event or bill that meets the criteria, they submit the bill and other members send them checks to cover the bills. This has been really beneficial for several reasons: This makes them technically “self-pay” in the eyes of most medical establishments. Many places offer a steep self-pay discount (80% in some locations) with an additional discount for paying that day. Since health care sharing is substantially cheaper than insurance, they put the extra money in a savings account and use it if needed to pay a bill the day the charge is incurred to get the discount. The entire amount is then reimbursed. Katie and Heather both use Samaritan Ministries which is a Christian organization (though there are <a href="


186: Carnivore Diet, Ketosis, Macros, & Diet Variation With Dr. Anthony Gustin

It seems like there’s always a new diet to try… the keto diet, the carnivore diet, different types of fasting… the list goes on. The question is, how do we know if any of them are actually good for us? What is the Carnivore Diet? Today’s episode should answer a lot of questions. My guest Dr. Anthony Gustin is a board-certified sports physician, a functional medicine practitioner, and an overall food and fitness skeptic like I am. His focus recently has shifted from private practice to starting his own company, Perfect Keto and Equip. Dr. Gustin’s mission is to create products that improve the accessibility of whole food nutrition and ketosis, and he’s the perfect person to explain a little bit more about the carnivore diet, how it works, and if it’s right for you. Episode Highlights why not to follow one diet for too long the best way to fast for women how to do the keto diet correctly which diets have their place in a healthy lifestyle what the carnivore diet is how much protein we actually need and more! Resources We Mention Books We Mention The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet by Nina Teicholz Why We Get Fat & What to Do About It by Gary Taubes Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Taleb The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease & Weight Gain by Dr. Steven Gundry The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson More From Wellness Mama 116: How to Reboot Your Metabolism Using the Keto Reset Diet With Mark Sisson 145: Algae: The Keto & Vegan Superfood with More Nutrients Than Veggies (& Where to Get It) 143: Thomas DeLauer on Reducing Inflammation, Curcumin, Keto for Women, & Easy Weight Loss How to Do a Ketogenic Diet (& Is It Safe for Women?) 7 Day Keto Meal Plan for Women (Ideas + Easy Recipes) How to Make Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs (Keto Friendly) <a href="https://wellne


185: How to Get Lab Tests at Home & Take Charge of Your Own Health With EverlyWell

Listen up, because today’s episode is going to be all about hormones and how to take ownership of your own health (a topic on the minds of just a few of us moms!). I am here with Dr. Marra Francis, an OB-GYN who focuses on helping women with genetic risk for certain cancers. Dr. Marra also serves as the Executive Medical Director for EverlyWell, a company we will talk about in depth today. In a nutshell, her mission is to educate enough physicians so that no more women have to suffer a fate with terminal cancer that could have been prevented simply by taking an accurate family history, and ordering the correct diagnostic test. Episode Highlights With Dr. Marra of EverlyWell why Dr. Marra chose women’s health as her passion and focus her tips on running a house with six kids underfoot (I get it!) the ups and downs of women’s hormones (and why men don’t struggle like we do) what you can learn by tracking your cycle every month, and apps that help how EverlyWell helps connect patients to the best laboratory testing for them changes in the health space that are making it easier to take control of your health and more! Resources We Mention EverlyWell SteadyMD Samaritan Health Share More From Wellness Mama 15: Hormones & How to Have a Healthy Baby 80: What Your Monthly Cycle Reveals About Your Hormones With Alisa Vitti 108: Why the Birth Control Pill Screws Up Hormones & What to Use Instead My Home Organization System & How I “Get It All Done” Why You Should Never Eat Vegetable Oil or Margarine 9 Tips to Help Balance Hormones Naturally Lab Tests You Can Order From Home (Without A Doctor) Have you had trouble getting the right lab testing in your area? Could you use a service like EverlyWell? I’d also appreciate it if you would please take two minutes to leave a review on iTunes. I value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well! Many Thanks to Our Podcast Sponsors This podcast is brought to you by SteadyMD, my personalized Primary Care doctor online. SteadyMD is awesome because it partners you with a doctor who really gets to know you, who listens to you, who has time for you, and who knows your whole medical history and your health philosophy. It’s designated for anyone who wants a primary care doctor that they can have access to anytime they need them. Their physicians see


184: Meta Learning, Speed Reading, & How to Learn Faster With Jim Kwik

Ok, I’ll just come out and say it… this podcast episode is one of my all-time favorites! Jim Kwik is a widely recognized expert in speed reading, brain health, memory improvement, and accelerated learning. He’s also a good friend and someone I really admire in every way. As with many of my guests, there’s more to his story. Jim overcame a traumatic brain injury in childhood by creating strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. Two decades later, he works as a brain coach with people all over the world. His goal is to help everyone unleash their true genius and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose. Episode Highlights With Jim Kwik why almost everything we think we know about learning is wrong how Jim went from not being able to finish a book to teaching the best in the world challenges our kids will face as jobs move toward artificial intelligence, automation, and outsourcing meta-learning and other powerful strategies to learn anything much faster the vast difference between what to learn and how to learn why intelligence isn’t fixed and how to cater to your own unique strengths how to abolish the belief that you don’t have a good memory, forever the three superpowers to encourage with kids: creativity, imagination, strategy how to bring imagination and creativity back into education what emotion has to do with memory the reason children can learn anything faster (it has to do with play!) the trick to getting information into your long-term memory why only one-third of your brain is determined by genetics (and how to influence the other two-thirds) how much of learning happens in sleep (another reason why sleep is so dramatically important for brain health) 10 things Jim would recommend for parents to help kids love to learn an important reason not to call your kid gifted how to reward work ethic and grit in children instead of just achievement Resources We Mention Go to and for his free 3-Day Brain Training and more The Kwik Brain Podcast Video: Jim Kwik and Simon Sinek on Social Media and Smartphones Jim Kwik’s Favorite Books Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel Amen Mindset by Carol Dweck Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofol


183: Is Fluoride the Hidden Cause of Acne? (& What to Do About It)

Have you ever wondered why fluoride is in our water? I get a lot of questions from all of you on this subject and I’ve been meaning to write about it for a long time. Mellisa Gallico is here to share all about the dangers of fluoride and its hidden connection to a common problem: acne. Melissa is no rookie when it comes to research. Get a load of this bio…she graduated with honors from Georgetown and has a masters from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She’s a former military intelligence officer, a Fulbright Scholar, and an FBI Intelligence Analyst. So how did she come to be a fluoride expert? As with most of my guests, it’s because she had to tackle health problems personally. Take a listen and if you want to hear more from her, check out her two fascinating books The Hidden Cause of Acne and F Is for Fluorite. Episode Highlights: The Hidden Cause of Acne Why the biggest air pollutant is being added to our water supply The reason there is a pesticide in your toothpaste What happens when we are exposed to too much fluoride The surprising sources of hidden fluoride you may not know about Why fluoride may be the reason for acne and skin problems The true history of fluoride and how to avoid it Why chicken may be a source of fluoride exposure A reason to only use organic chickens (and avoid processed chicken like chicken nuggets) The sad truth about tea (all teas?) Why kombucha may be sabotaging your health Resources We Mention Learn more and join the cause at Project Free Me Sign the petition here Book: F Is for Fluoride Book: The Hidden Cause of Acne Shower head filter More From Wellness Mama 177: Why (Almost) Everything You Know About Dental Health Is Wrong With Periodontist Dr. Al Danenberg How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally & Reverse Tooth Decay How to Make Natural Toothpaste The Best Water Filter For Home Use (Pitcher, Charcoal, Under-Counter) The Best Under-Counter Water Filter (Review) Are you concerned about fluoride in water? Do you have a question you’d like answered? Leave a comment! Also, if you’ve enjoyed this podcast episode, please take two minutes to <a href="

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