The What Cast #329 - The Nightcrawlers and The Carmel Area Creature

07.15.2020 - By The What Cast

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Hey everyone! We hope you are doing great and thank you for listening! This week, we cover a modern classic. One of our favorites. The Nightcrawlers. We felt it was time to check in on those goofy little guys and see if there is any new sightings (There is.) Clear up some of the cloudy history behind them and introduce you to their way creepier cousin, The Carmel Area Creature: The Not Cute Nightcrawler.  Thanks for listening and STAY SAFE! Show Note Links: Carmel   2008 San Diego “Stick Man”   Native American Myths Debunked   Yosemite   Fresno   Fact Or Faked   Fake Polish Shighting   Real Polish Shighting

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