"The Winter Line" (Westworld S3E2)

03.25.2020 - By House Podcastica: Cobra Kai Edition

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Fun episode this week, with Bernard and Stubbs on a buddy adventure, the return of Lee Sizemore, and Maeve triumphantly working her way through an ever unfolding experience of reality. This podcast is made possible by listeners like you (and you too) who have supported us at patreon.com/jasonandkaren. On the most recent episode of the Patreon-exclusive Jason & Karen Show, Karen and I covered the phenomenal AMC series, Better Call Saul, along with the coronavirus, microwave ovens, and the scale of the universe. Or if you find value in all the stuff I put out and want to show support, but don't feel like committing to a monthly contribution, you can now buy me a coffee by going to buymeacoffee.com/cabassi. Merci beaucoup :) Subscribe: housepodcastica.com Email: [email protected] Facebook: facebook.com/housepodcastica Network: podcastica.com  

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