The Zeigler Furniture Store Murders

10.13.2019 - By Criminology

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On Christmas Eve, 1975, four people were murdered in Winter Garden Florida inside the Zeigler furniture store. Tommy Zeigler, who by that time, was the president of Zeiglers was arrested, tried and convicted of the murders. The victims that night included Tommy's wife Eunice, Eunice's father and mother, and a family friend named Charlie Mays.

Many individuals had something to say about the events that transpired that night. And, as often happens, there were many different variations regarding what transpired. Join Mike and Morf as they discuss this tragic quadruple murder. Did Tommy Zeigler murder four people that night or was he wrongfully convicted? Tommy has spent over 40 years on death row but has never stopped fighting his conviction. DNA may ultimately either prove Tommy guilty or prove that he is an innocent man.

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