Season 3 Episode 13: The Zeppo with Guest Ashlie Daigle

04.21.2017 - By Black Mirror Library

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It's time we hold the mirror up to ourselves, Gentle Listeners, and examine just what is it about Buffy that delights us so much? As ironic as an irony can ever get, this Xander-centric episode provides us with a meta exploration of some pretty deep social, psychological, and psychosexual topics. Special thanks to Guest Babe Ashlie for joining us this week to help discuss the affinity we can all feel for the Ron Weasleys of the world, the nuances of authentic vs. performative masculinity, and the BAFFLING half-crimped hairstyles. (You can decide for yourselves which of these is most upsetting...)

Suggested Talking Points - First Boyfriend Laboratories, The Oz Brow, a gardening dick, and a pre-porn BBQ

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