Their Satanic Travesties Request, Feat. Andy Levy

02.09.2022 - By Fever Dreams

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t’s that time of year again for the Super Bowl halftime show and while the 2022 lineup of Dr. Dre, Snoop, Mary J. Blige and Eminem reads to most fans like a warm and fuzzy 90s nostalgia bath, “to hear certain conservative commentators describe it,” notes Fever Dreams co-host Kelly Weill, “this Super Bowl is ripe for Satanism.” It's all part of the Satanic Panic that’s been brewing in the U.S. for awhile, including the bonkers QAnon conspiracy theories around the deadly Travis Scott concert at Astroworld in December. Meanwhile, Fever Dreams reveals why President Trump has refrained from endorsing a candidate in the Ohio Senate primary race—spoiler, he thinks Josh Mandel is “fucking weird” and has been gossiping about his sex life—and the hosts discuss how Joe Rogan and Spotify have become a proxy for the larger culture wars. And The New Abnormal co-host Andy Levy brings us tales from the crypts of Fox Headquarters, where Fox News once let him host a late-night comedy show with very little supervision. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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