Theistic Satanism with Aleister Nacht

By Aleister Nacht

What's Theistic Satanism with Aleister Nacht about?

Aleister Nacht is a Theistic Satanist, Satanic Magus, and leader of Magnum Opus, a Satanic coven located in Florida. With a modern view of Satanism, he brings the darkness to life in a very tangible manner. His books have found favor with a multitude of searchers crossing all demographic and geographic boundaries. This podcast is one of the top 5% most popular shows out of 2.7 million podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score.

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Necromancy in Devil Worship


Necromancy is one of the oldest and most misunderstood of all magical operations. Some believe it involves speaking to the dead; some say it involves having coitus with the deceased while others compare it to the Japanese Shinto religion or ...

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