045: Things You Have to Know to Be Successful

11.06.2014 - By Young Hustlers

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Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer millennials success strategies each week. On this weeks episode of Young Hustlers Grant and Jarrod focus on a list of 10 things one needs to master in order to be successful. They share the list of these skills and then ask callers to repeat them all back in order then admit which they need help with. It leads to great conversation and excellent tips. Grant starts the show off laying into Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Workweek. Grant feels there are no shortcuts and nothing great comes without hard work and sacrifice. The Big 10 for Success 1. Commit to success. 2. Great attitude. 3. Strong networker. 4. Know how to sell. 5. Know how to negotiate. 6. Know how to close. 7. Follow up. 8. Market yourself (Get Attention) 9. Hire great people. 10. Leadership Grant and Jarrod weigh in on how important it is to agree and get agreement and callers ask for insights on negotiation and sales. Grant’s dropping gems in this episode so check it out.

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