S2 E25: This is a Horror Movie with patron Lisa scrubbing in!

02.21.2018 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Who pees their pants? Answer: Everyone. Abbey and Bri spend way too much time sharing their most embarrassing stories of when they peed their pants last. Spoiler Alert: for Abbey it was last weekend. But that is not all they talk about this episode, although peeing while being airplaned, and loosing bladder control on a P Diddy yacht are epic stories, there are more important things to discuss..

This week on the podcast they have their first co-host call in from across the country! Lisa joins Abbey and Bri to dissect all the drama, and oh boy she does not disappoint!

This episode of Grey's is the first episode in a three part horror film finale. Yes, horror film because Izzie loses her shit and should probably go to jail. She does her classic Izzie breakdown to Denny and forces him to go along with her ridiculous plan.

Burke and Cristina are fighting, and then he gets shot, which is a major bummer. Addison and Derek are also fighting because Addison realizes that Derrick actually loves Meredith. She proceeds to scream about it in front of the whole hospital, another horrific moment in this episode.

Lisa defends Derek and Addison and teaches Abbey and Bri a new fan phrase, Addek. Lisa also previously wrote Grey's fanfiction, which will obviously need to be shared with The On Call Room listeners.

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