This Spiritual Fix

By Kristina Wiltsee & Anna Stromquist

What's This Spiritual Fix about?

What meditation works for you? What is it like to do tantra? How do you best communicate with a loved one? Kristina Wiltsee & Anna Stromquist are two best friends on a quest to try all things spiritual in order to attain enlightenment -- or just stay sane while juggling a lot on their plates. Their internationally recognized podcast hits close to home for many people who are struggling for peace amidst the pain of trauma, emotional wounds, and neurodivergent brains. As we uncover deeper layers of ourselves, they teach, with humor, that there is nothing to fix - just more of us to love. Season Themes: Season 1: The Primal Wounds (Abandonment, Rejection, Betrayal, Injustice, & Humiliation) Season 2: The Drama Triangle (The Inner & Outer Persecutor, Rescuer, and Victim) Season 3: First Chakra (Relationships & Sexuality) Season 4: Second Chakra (Integration of the Multidimensional Self)

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6.02 The Money Wound, Part ...


Today we our listeners are graced with the presence of Leanne Rose, who channels the Galayla Collective. We address The Money Wound and how it relates to the entirety of your life, as the Galayla Collective says, “you can’t compartmentalize ...

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