8: Thomas Juth - Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer

09.24.2014 - By Sound and Substance - Songwriting and Music Production

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Thomas Juth is a Grammy Award winning Mix Engineer based in London, England.​Juth started his career as the in-house mixer at Kensaltown Studios in London, and as a part of the Kensaltown Team (James Morrison, Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall, etc). Over the years, working with a very wide range of musical styles, he has developed his own trademark sound - organic and punchy, as well as "vibey" and exciting.Over the past 7 years Juth has built up an impressive discography, including latin superstars Jesse y Joy (which won him two Grammy awards), Luis Fonsi and Ricardo Arjona as well as legends such as Cat Stevens, Elton John and Engelbert Humperdink. Juth has also recenlty been working with UK rapper Tinchy Stryder.Growing up in northern Sweden, Juth developed a passion for sound and music at an early age. It all began one day when hearing The Beatles' Come Together, at the age of 7. With the years, the passion for sound and engineering grew further, a passion that eventually got him a job at Mayfair Studios  in London, and later at Kensaltown Studios.Juth is currently based in north-west London and continues to work on a wide variety of genres and projects.This is a great episode for artists and producers who want to learn a little bit about the mix process, and is good for every musician to understand the common thread that unites mixing, songwriting and other aspects of music creation.Thomas’ main focus is on people and the heart of music. A refreshing perspective to remember in today’s musical time period which needs connection and substance more than ever.

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