TLS #276: A Scientific Look at Crystals & How They Work In Our Lives with Hibiscus Moon

05.03.2018 - By The Lively Show

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The crystal episode.

It’s here.

And it’s one of my favorite TLS episodes of 2018.

I learned so much in this conversation with crystal expert and physics teacher, Hibiscus Moon.

In the show, we go deep into the quantum mechanics, molecular structure, technological uses, and the metaphysical uses of crystals. Plus, we explore the concepts of vibration, frequency, light, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Then, in the second half of the episode, we discuss ways to begin selecting and using crystals that are ideal for your daily life.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to have a deeper understanding of what crystals are and how they can enhance our daily lives.




[Tweet "“Where thought goes, energy flows." - @hibiscusmoon"]
[Tweet "“Energy is an influencer." - @hibiscusmoon"]
[Tweet "“Let your heart pick the crystal." - @hibiscusmoon"]

Hibiscus tells us why she used her pen name and how that allowed her to teach others about the metaphysical of crystals while still maintaining her role as a scientist and teacher.

She gives us an overview of the science with crystals and how they interact in life.

Hibiscus describes the physical makeup of crystals and how we define crystals.

She describes crystals as both a tool and support to help amplify your intentions.

Hibiscus talks about cleansing your crystals and programming them for yourself.

She reminds us that crystals cannot create or generate energy, but crystals can transform energy from one for to another.

Hibiscus teaches us how to select and use crystals in our daily life.

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