TN:67 Fontaines D.C. & Dan Carey

04.05.2021 - By Tape Notes

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Click here to answer our quick question, thank you.    Catching up on some much-needed studio goodness, John returns to Mr Dan’s studio to chat with Conor and Tom of Fontaines D.C. and producer Dan Carey, about how they wrote, recorded and produced the albums 'Dogrel’ and ‘A Hero’s Death’. With rehearsal room and garden shed demos in hand, Conor, Tom and Dan give us a rundown of some of the key moments of the band’s career, from first meetings at a 20 person gig to recording an entire album in LA, and then redoing it in London. Digging into the recording process, we hear thoughts on the ultimate ways to capture the full experience of a live band, and Dan explains the ins and outs of getting things down on tape. Listen to find out what was achieved when the band built an amp castle, how a room became their new sixth member, and why so much skill is involved in playing one note bass lines. Tracks discussed: Too Real, A Hero’s Death, You Said   Listen to 'Dogrel' here. Listen to 'A Hero's Death' here. 'Dogrel' and 'A Hero's Death' - Partisan Records    GEAR MENTIONS Swarmatron  Logic Ludwig Black Beauty  Fender Coronado  Fender Mustang Rainger Minor Concussion    SUBMIT A JINGLE For all of the details on sending in a jingle email [email protected]   Submit your Tape Notes jingle and we'll play our favourites each week on the podcast. Jingles can be in any style, can feature the Tape Notes theme, lyrics, or none of those things - be as creative as you'd like (as long as they're between 5-15 seconds).   HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW If you'd like to help support the show you can donate as little or as much as you'd like here, (we really appreciate your contributions :)  Donate   KEEP UP TO DATE For behind the scenes photos and the latest updates, make sure to follow us on:  Instagram: @tapenotes  Twitter: @tapenotes  Facebook: @tapenotespodcast   To let us know the artists you’d like to hear, Tweet us, slide into our DMs, send us an email or even a letter. We’d love to hear!    Visit our website to join our mailing list:     

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