TNSS 185: temi - The Personal Robot Assistant for Your Home - temi personal robot, best video games of the year, Iain's Holiday Gift Guide, and more.

12.01.2018 - By The New Screen Savers (Audio)

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On 'The New Screen Savers' recorded on Saturday, December 1, 2018, with Leo Laporte and Iain Thomson:
Leo and Iain discuss Marriott's massive breach of 500 million customer's data, CRISPR-edited babies, and NASA's InSight lander on Mars.
Danny Isserles from temi shows off their personal robot that can autonomously follow you around your home or office as your digital assistant or telepresence robot.
We continue our Holiday Gift Guides with Iain's picks, including phone cases, gadget toolkits, power banks, and UPSs.
Plus a bonus Gift Guide from Ars Technica's Sam Machkovec with the best multi-platform video games.
We answer some of your questions like how to protect someone's aunt who keeps letting "Microsoft" remote in to fix her laptop.

Hosts: Leo Laporte and Iain Thomson
Guests: Danny Isserles, Sam Machkovech, and Jason Howell
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