TNW 246: AirPods Pro vs Pixel Buds Pro - Tech Lifespan, Zelda TASBot, CHIPS Act

08.04.2022 - By Tech News Weekly (Video)

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Geoffrey Fowler from The Washington Post joins the show to talk about the lifespan of electronic devices and what can be done to increase their lifespan.
Allan Cecil, aka DwangoAC, talks about TASBot and the unique Ocarina of Time speedrun conducted at this past year's Summer Games Done Quick charity event.
Max Cherney of Protocol comes back to the show to talk about the recently signed CHIPS Act.
Finally, Phil Nickinson of Digital Trends has his hands on the latest iteration of Google's Pixel Buds Pro and compares them to Apple's AirPods Pro.
Host: Jason Howell
Guests: Geoffrey Fowler, Allan Cecil, Max Cherney, and Phil Nickinson
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