TNW 174: Facebook's Paradoxical AI - Amazon Vesta Home Robot, Verkada Surveillance Hack, Instagram Lite in India

03.11.2021 - By Tech News Weekly (Video)

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Amazon Vesta home robot, Verkada surveillance hack, Instagram Lite in India.
How big of a priority is Amazon's home robot, the Vesta? Eugene Kim from Business Insider has the inside scoop.
Surveillance camera company Verkada was hacked giving unprecedented access to sensitive video feeds around the world.
Amazon publishes its own books but bypasses Libraries for digital distribution and that hurts those who can't afford to buy books.
Meaghan Tobin from Rest of World talks about the potential impact of the new Instagram Lite app in India.
Karen Hao from MIT Technology Review wrote a months long investigation into the competing forces within Facebook fighting for social good and business growth.

Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent
Guests: Eugene Kim, Meaghan Tobin, and Karen Hao
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