Todd DeGhetto: Retired Navy Captain who spent 30 years in Naval Special Warfare (NSW) as a SEAL Officer

04.20.2022 - By Team Never Quit

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Need a clear decision-maker in high-stress military operations critical to the defense of the United States? Then this week's Team Never Quit guest, Todd Deghetto, is your man. After 30 years as a Navy SEAL officer in Naval Special Warfare, Todd's current mission is to develop future leaders in mental toughness, discipline, & building collaborative teams. Todd, Marcus, and Morgan share an engaging conversation including actual mission details, its personal & mental ramifications, and the steps to recovery. Everyone on Todd’s team has a purpose.

In this episode you will hear:

It doesn’t matter what people think about you. Do what’s right, regardless of the consequences. If you lose friends over it, they weren’t true friends.
Having a dad as a New Jersey State Trooper, I learned about the evil in this world, and I learned about honor – doing what’s right.
That’s the nice thing about diving without O2. If you gotta die, that’s the way to go, because you just fall asleep.
[In combat] You get real good at completely cutting your head off from the rest of your body - No feelings, no emotion, and no pain. I truly didn’t start processing stuff until after I was done.
When things are going sideways is when people show their true colors.
When I returned, God put it on my heart to mentor the next generation.
I’m a leadership coach & mentor for the University of Tennessee’s MBA program. I may not have the business expertise, but I’ve got a lot of leadership experience.
The only way you’re gonna get better is to be able to say “this is mine.” This I made that decision, and this is why I made that decision.
We learn more from our mistakes than we ever do when things go right.
I took me several weeks after I returned - and all of a sudden I woke up one day feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
All the explosives, the blasts, the mortars, the rockets, the charges, the AC4’s – the damage done to the brain is devastating.
The healing journey has been the hardest thing for me. Part of that journey is not quitting om my family.
[In military leadership] We’re very good at controlling everything we can control.
There’s psychedelics treatment out there to really help us guys. My initial thought was “no way”, but it truly helped me.

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