Together We Can - Recap and Resources

02.03.2022 - By The Permaculture Podcast

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This episode shares some of what I learned at the Together We Can Conference from Future Harvest on January 13 and 14, 2022. This includes some reflections (or ramblings if you prefer) as they relate to my own experiences and practices, along with people, organizations, and ideas I recommend you connect with or learn more about to grow, improve, or pivot your permaculture practices.


Future Harvest
Maryland Food System Resiliency Council
Jonathan Bardzik


New Age Agrarianism

Renard Turner - New Age Agrarianism (Interview)
Booker T. Whatley (Wiki)
Booker T Whatley Part 1: The Ten Commandments (Video)
Booker T Whatley Part 2: The Clientele Membership Club (Video)
Rodale Institute
Save Three Lives: A Plan for Famine Prevention by Robert Rodale


Care Farming

Care Farming Network
Red Wiggler Community Farm
Fields 4 Valor Farms
Benevolence Farm
UNC Farm at Penny Lane
Blawesome, LLC


Anne Biklé and David R. Montgomery


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