Tom Homan Says "Hundreds" Crossing The Border Have COVID & Jessica Tarlov Talks About Off-Script Biden

07.21.2021 - By Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla

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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former acting ICE Director talks about how is crossing the border and how many have been infected with COVID, plus Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov talks about whether Democrats should be concerned about Joe Biden going off-script. 

[00:00:00] Biden's "New Ideas"

[00:15:40] AOC Hates The Bezos Rocket Launch

[00:18:17] Paul Vs. Fauci Round 2

[00:33:57] Coming Soon: More Masks

[00:36:32] The Border Crossings Are Up

[00:51:12] Space Amazon

[00:54:51] Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan

[01:10:57] Masks Indoors?

[01:13:09] 2:06 pm - Fox Across America

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