Season 3 episode 50 - Tonee Messiah - legend Abstract Artist and Teacher

03.02.2021 - By Art Wank

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Thanks to our guest this week the awesome calm, warm, artist and teacher Tonee Messiah. We really enjoyed visiting Tonee's studio in Marrickville. She is in a space with a group of other artists and near the amazing Reverse Garbage. Tonee majored in painting at Sydney college of the Arts.

Tonee's can be described as an Abstract artist - she is using colour shape and line and surfaces to deepen space.  She is a very slow maker - she spends a lot of time looking and she has an amazing practise where she never allows herself to go with the first choice and she pushes her creative mind to problem solve.

Tonee is with Gallery 9 -

and also in Melbourne with Nicholas Thompson Gallery

Tonee loves to use her experiences of discussions in her teaching to feed back into her work.
Tonee's teaching at UNSW and NAS. Tonee is truely a special teacher and I urge you to check out her course online at NAS. 

Check her out on her instagram

The artist I forgot is Michael Muir

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