Top 15 Mexican Slang words you need to know - Que tranza!!!

10.28.2019 - By Hablemos Español | Mexican spanish

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Mexican Slang 
Wey/Güey – Means dude. The number one Mexican slang word used with young men. You will hear this word everywhere on the streets and in bars with locals. Like, hows it going wey? What are you doing tonight wey? No wey, you can’t do that wey. You’re crazy wey. Only used amongst best friends.
Que onda – How’s it going? Whats up? The most popular way to say ‘hows it going’ with friends. Can also use ‘Que tal?’ and ‘Que paso‘
No manches!! – ‘No way!’ or ‘You can’t be serious’. If someone tells you something incredible or bad has happened, or a story you don’t believe, you will say ‘No manches!‘
Aguas!! – Look out!! If you hear someone yell out ‘Aguas!!‘, they’re telling you something is about to hit you, or quick, get out of the way.

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