Toshiba Slumps on Nuclear Business Woes

02.14.2017 - By World Business Report

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Toshiba was once one of the shining jewels of Japanese global commercial dominance; a big name in electronics, cars, lifts and railways. Now, it is a business in crisis - the chairman has resigned and it has predicted a loss this year of $3.4 billion. The reason? An unwise investment in nuclear power generation across the world, especially in the US. We spoke to the BBC's Japan correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes.

Meanwhile, Rolls Royce also posts huge losses after a fine for corruption puts a big hole in their finances. So is the industry clean now? We talk to Barry Vitou, partner at the city of London law firm Pinsent Mason, who specialises in fraud cases.

(Photo Description: Toshiba's headquarters in Japan. Photo Credit: Toru Yamanaka/ AFP/ Getty Images)

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