TP 047: Anna Quackenbush w Illumina: Uniting Engineers with End Users to Improve Customer Experience

08.06.2018 - By Method Matters: Smart Software Engineering Methods

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Anna Quackenbush works alongside the company Illumina, who are at the forefront of aligning technology with the medical industry in what is being referred to as the medical revolution. Illumina specializes in creating integrated systems able to process genetic variation and biological functions through DNA sequencing. As the world evolves, people like Anna become very important to act as a liaison between creator and user, filling in the gaps so that things work the way they need to for the doctors using them. With her background in biomedical engineering and genomics, her role as a translator between scientist and end user of her company's product is crucial. As language in the field adapts to a place where doctors who have not studied technological advances are nearly left in the dark, Anna sees first hand the value of creating a bridge between people and the new language.

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