Trans Athletes VS Fairness in Women's Sports: a Coaches Perspective

04.11.2022 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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Cynthia Monteleone is an elite athlete and coach to Olympians, numerous high-school and collegiate athletes around the globe. She speaks out the biological differences between men and women and how we can achieve fairness in Women’s Sports.  Sponsored: This new Electrolyte + Creatine Combo can help you crush your next workout:  Use code podcast at checkout to save Link to full video and show notes: Time Stamps:  03:00 Gender dysphoria is a medical condition. The ACLU took it as a civil rights issue.  04:10 Women and girls need to be respected and allowed the same opportunities for scholarships and awards.  06:20 There is no ban on trans gender athletes.  06:53 Policies should be in place for every participant to earn their accolades fairly. 07:40 It is claimed that the biological difference does not matter. 08:10 Even with gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment, male bodies still have an advantage over female bodies.  10:30 Censorship of opposing views is real.  11:20 Title IX was put into place to create an opportunity for a woman to complete in sports and have an equal chance of a scholarship and awards.  13:45 Female competitor safety can be at risk when biologic males compete on teams with females. 15:00 Headlines are used to confuse you.  18:02 Puberty Blockers: Children can get puberty blockers without the consent of their parents.  23:20 Environmental/chemical factors may play a role in sexual development.  24:00 Chemicals in your environment change your hormones.  24:10 True gender dysphoria takes place is the same place in the brain as schizophrenia.  24:40 When a male transitions to female and takes hormones, they are at high risk for heart disease.  28:40 Industrialized nations, with their pollutants appear to be having more sexual identity problems/issues.  39:10 The myonuclei that make muscle fibers are more abundant in males in the womb, than in females.   

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