Transform Your Workplace English Skills With These Idioms Ep 517

03.03.2022 - By Learn English Through Listening

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In this podcast we’re going to talk about some more of those ‘everyday English idioms’ you’ll hear at work. If you need to improve your workplace English, well this podcast is for you!
Being  fluent in English means understanding and using idioms effectively.  Listen to our idioms podcast lessons and get fluent in idioms. In this Podcast, you will learn the meaning of each idiom and how to use them in actual conversations.
Improve Your Workplace Conversations With These Everyday English Idioms
✔Lesson transcript:
Recently I did a podcast on everyday English idioms you will hear at work, episode 508. Well, you liked that one, so today, let’s cover some more of those ‘idioms you’ll hear at work.
I  enjoy using idioms for fun. When I talk to friends, I use them. I like  to learn what they mean and how to use them the right way. Listen to our podcast to learn more
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