37. Traversing the Liminal & Spiritual Fitness with Latham Thomas

08.12.2021 - By Moonbeaming

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Before you press play, get seated, gather yourself, and prepare for a truly deep episode. Latham Thomas talks about how an intensely spiritual pregnancy led her to teaching thousands of people, creating advocacy programs, and leading a movement of marginalized prioritization in the medical and Doula industry. Sarah and Latham expand on honoring the body, providing care and dignity for those giving birth or crossing over. Latham expresses her observation and desires in the increase of consciousness within community. There is work that all of us  need to do, so that we are resourced, we can redistribute power that has already been decentered from oppressive power structures. We kindly ask you to join the Patreon  linked below so that you can continue to  experience these kinds of conversations.
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