01.07.2021 - By The Genetic Genius

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On this week's episode, TRE Provider Christa Gowen, discusses healing the cellular physical and emotional trauma, and the power of our subconscious thoughts and dynamic self-care through TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises).

Here are just a few of the highlights we discuss on the show.
1. How would you describe trauma and how this relates to the work you do empowering mothers?
2. Why do you think, as women, we get stuck in the pattern of repeated trauma and what holds us back from breaking free?
3. How can family trauma play a role in our unwillingness to get ourselves self care?
4. What is TRE?
5. How does TRE help empower Moms to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level?
6. How does TRE help to break the trauma loop and open up the door to self care?
7. Is TRE a practice that our listeners can do at home? How does this work for virtual clients?
8. What is “dynamic self care”?
9. When mom’s focus on themselves more and schedule more time for self care what dynamic shifts can they expect to see in their lives?
10. What is “radical mothering” and what is the The Radical Mother Village?

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