Trump Predicted Biden’s Failures | 6/14/22

06.14.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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The JFK Jr. people are out looking for his return again, although they now seem more and more like a cult. An officer detailed what happened to her on January 6. Rep. Jamaal Bowman proclaims that Republicans want a civil war. Pat takes a look at January 6 versus the BLM riots. Nancy Pelosi shows up at RuPaul’s drag show. American taxpayer dollars are being used to transition a terrorist prisoner from a man to a woman. Lia Thomas' teammates are speaking out about their experiences on Lia's team. Why are schools paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund drag shows for kids? The leader of Drag Queen Story Hour has been arrested for possession of child porn. A viral video is going around that shows how Donald Trump predicted many of Joe Biden’s failures. Should Americans be concerned with the state of our election integrity in 2022? The number of children who claim to be transgender has more than doubled in recent years. A pastor at a United Methodist church calls queerness divine. Justin Trudeau catches COVID despite being fully vaccinated.
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