Trust and Believe with Shaun T

By Shaun T

What's Trust and Believe with Shaun T about?

Dig deeper with world-renowned fitness trainer Shaun T as he motivates you to uncover your potential, master your mind, and build the confidence you need to live the best life possible!
Not only has he changed lives through his best-selling at-home workouts like INSANITY, T25, and Hip Hop Abs, now he's pulling back the curtain on his and his guest’s lives to give you the secrets to master yours. On Trust and Believe, Shaun interviews real people, experts, celebrities and family members help you find strength and positivity in your health, nutrition, relationships, parenting, self-care, career and day to day life. No topic is off limits, no question is unanswered - it’s the raw, real, tough talk that will jumpstart you into the new you. Tune into Trust and Believe with Shaun T every Wednesday to feel empowered and help you achieve your best life possible!
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Navigating the Connection B...


In this episode, Shaun delves into the importance of your headspace when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and mental health. He shares his personal experience of putting appearance ahead of nutrition, leading to an obsession and neglect of his overall ...

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