TSTP 045- The Battle of Starcourt

08.26.2019 - By The Stranger Things Podcast

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Eleven is weak. The parasite inside her leg is making things worse. They have to get it out. Jonathan springs into action and finds a knife. The small creature burrows deeper into her tissue. Eleven pushes through the pain and takes control of the situation. She uses her mental might to rip the tiny terror from her flesh. Can they all live happily ever after now? Unfortunately, no, this is only the prelude to the battle to come. Team Bald Eagle rushes to the Mall. The Scoops Troop heads to Weathertop which is the highest point in Hawkins. It is also the location of the only radio with a strong enough signal to permeate the vast layers of the Russian base. Murray tries to reason with the Russian soldiers. Hopper becomes agitated and takes them down with a machine gun. Mike and the gang fail to make their escape. Someone has tampered with Nancy’s car. They must seek refuge back in the Mall as Billy speeds at them in his car. Within moments the gigantic spider like creature is crashing through the Mall roof. It has periscoping tentacles that relentlessly pursue the kids around corners. Just when it appears Eleven may be captured, Lucas saves the day with his wrist rocket. A balloon pop was enough to divert the Monster’s focus and allow them to escape. High on the hill, Steve spies that there is trouble at the Mall and speeds off to help. Murray grudgingly accepts the kids help navigating the vents. He finds the vault but then can’t remember Planck’s constant. They must have it to retrieve the keys. Dustin quickly changes frequency to contact Suzie. Back in the food court Eleven tries to flip the car. Her battery is just not recharging. Mike and the gang uses the laws of physics to turn the car over to retrieve the part they need. Nancy’s car is hesitant to start and Billy is reving up to ram them. Then Steve comes to the rescue. Billy is knocked out and the Monster begins pursuing our heroes. Grigori has infiltrated the base under the mall. He only has one thought in mind. He wants to take out Hopper. Billy regains consciousness and begins to search the hidden hallways of Starcourt. He quickly finds his target and gets Max and Mike out of the way. Nothing will stop him from bringing his Master what it desires. Billy subdues Eleven and carries her away to present her to the Mind Flayer. Down below Grigori and Hopper are locked in a battle. At first it looks as though the Russian will win. In a final moment of strength Hopper shoves Grigori into the laser. Did I mention that Dustin got the answer from Suzie? That’s right! She is indeed real and she knows Planck’s constant. A problem still remains. There are two keys that have to be turned at the same time. Hopper is fighting with Grigori, leaving Joyce alone in the control room. She ties her belt to one key and reaches her fingers towards the second. Back in the Food Court, the boys are hurling fireworks at the creature. As Billy lays Eleven down she tries to reason with him. She reminds him about the boy on the beach and the pretty woman. She reminds him of his life before the Mind Flayer came and consumed his existence. He was just a little boy who wanted to make his Mother proud. Billy straightens up and stands tall. He puts himself between the kids and the gruesome entity. He takes the entirety of its wrath. Its tentacles pierce his body. At that same moment Hopper gives Joyce a slight nod. Without words he tells Joyce it is time. She has to activate the explosion and close the gate. Dr. Owens and a fleet of helicopters come flying in. The government backup is here. Is it too late for the beloved Chief? Three months later, the newscasts are still seeking answers for all that has happened in Hawkins. The Byers are packing up. I think it is just too painful for Joyce to stay here. She will take El and care for her. In the midst of packing she finds the speech that Hopper wrote for Eleven and Mike. It is so sad that he is not here now to deliver those poignant words. Mike promises to see Eleven at Thanksgiving. I am happy to see that this young love has survived the Monster mayhem. Maybe Nancy really could hide Johnathan in her basement. Mr. Wheeler is not very observant. It is Holly they would have to look out for. That little girl knows what’s going on. Questions still remain. What is the fate of all the Flayed? Are they all gone? Will Eleven regain her power? Is Hopper gone forever, reduced to dust by the giant laser? We have seen Hopper and Will both survive the Upside Down. Jim wrote that having Eleven in his life brought him back to the light. I hope he climbed into that sliver of light before the explosion had the chance to reduce him to molecules.  

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