TTT Episode 94: Teach Like a Pirate Read-along and reflective questioning

05.10.2019 - By Teachers Talking Teaching

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Pete started reading a book by Dave Burgess that you may have heard of - Teach Like a Pirate. This is his read-along making sure he does his homework. This edition of his read-along we're talking about passion, that's right, P for Passion and P for Pirate. Pete loves an acronym. Originally Pete thought this book wasn't serious enough. He was wrong, it's very cool and he's getting a lot from it straight away. John found some questions to help us both become more reflective teachers. They're good. Then John made Pete feel bad, but Pete edits the podcast so he just cut it out and added more of him being a fool in. Come talk to us on the internet at @mr_van_w and @Jfcatto.  Pete: John:  

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