TWiT 791: A Soupçon of Zuck - Google Pixel 5, Amazon One, AppleTV+

10.04.2020 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Google Pixel 5, Amazon One, AppleTV+
Google's Launch Night in was a snooze
Amazon Sidewalk will join your neighborhood together - or invade your privacy
Amazon wants your palm print. Will you give it to them?
James Bond delayed to 2021: Movie theaters are dying
Subway sandwiches are not made with bread in Ireland, and their chicken is less than 50% chicken, but Popeye's is the best
Apple TV+ is about to lose a whole lot of subscribers - what should we watch?
How soap operas are filming during the pandemic
Prime day is October 13th - will you shop?
Libraries are being squeezed by publishers over ebooks and audiobooks
Google TV is good, but Google seems to have lost interest like they lose interest in everything
MIxer screws Ninja over; Ninja makes bank
Sonos sues Google for multi-room audio patents
Facebook merges Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook logins
US judge saves TikTok; Fleetwood Mac rejoices
The Social Dilemma is Reefer Madness for 2020
If you pay ransomware, the Treasury Department will come after you
H1-B visas cut off; tech giants cry out

Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Alex Wilhelm, Iain Thomson, and Simone de Rochefort
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