TWiT 772: 52 Cents & a Bag of Pop Chips - Microsoft Build Highlights, Surface Earbuds Review, Minecraft's Biggest Month

05.24.2020 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Microsoft Build Highlights, Surface Earbuds Review, Minecraft's Biggest MonthCollege Board sued over flawed online AP testsMinecraft Dungeons ReviewMinecraft hits 162 Million users/monthFormer TWiT Producer OMGChad's OMGCraft hits 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers!Satya Nadella's "RGV2cw" Easter Egg spells "Devs" in Base 64All the easter eggs in the Microsoft Build 2020 livestreamMicrosoft Build 2020 highlights: Project Reunion and Fluid FrameworkMicrosoft embraces open source: it's a whole new MicrosoftTwitter says everyone can work from home forever. Facebook says they can, too, but they might pay you less if you move out of stateJoe Rogan podcast is now a Spotify Exclusive - will other podcasts start going exclusive?Zoom vs Discord vs Facebook RoomsHow to beat Zoom fatigueWill working from home kill the 75-hour work week, or make it worse?Work-from-home means less commuting, for better or for worseWill conferences stay virtual, go back to face-to-face, or be a hybrid?What Zoom/Teams/Slack/Meet/etc solution does your company use?Zoom solves its security issues - or at least seems to be working on it very hardHow well is your school handling distance learning?Different communication strokes for different gamer folksTom Hanks' movie "Greyhound" is a $70 Million Apple TV+ ExclusiveHBO Max premieres May 27th, adding yet more confusion to the online media worldBad news about that $125 Equifax settlementGrandma ordered to remove photos of grandchildren over GDPR violationFacebook found not liable for spreading terrorist content by US Supreme CourtWalmart kills after buying it for more than $3 Billion
Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Lindsey Turrentine, Daniel Rubino, and Lisa Schmeiser
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