TWiT 764: Tech Support in Tights

03.29.2020 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Fever tracking maps show the spread of coronavirus Instacart workers will go on strike on Monday Hackers are sending out malicious teddy bears and Best Buy rewards cards Snopes has had to scale back fact-checking in the age of coronavirus misinformation China and Russia sending waves of coronavirus misinformation and phishing attacks Zeynep Tufecki is a light of reason in the fog of coronavirus information US Government is using cell phone location data to track coronavirus Is Big Tech our coronavirus saviors, or are they taking advantage of the situation? How should we cover tech while the world is collapsing? Notes from the final CanSec security conference Corporate layoffs, bailouts, and cancellations E-sports fill the void for car racing aficionados PwnToOwn 2020 highlights GM is offering unlimited internet in its cars, Yale is offering a free course on happiness, and other happy news China wants to re-invent the internet. What could possibly go wrong? Help track which coronavirus sites are malicious Free e-books from the Library of Congress Internet Archive under fire for lending too many e-books Elizabeth Warren open-sources all her campaign tech
Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Seth Rosenblatt, Lexy Savvides, and Ed Bott
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