TWiT 785: Vote Before the Asteroid Hits - Apple vs WordPress and Epic, Trump vs TikTok, Secret Spy iPod

08.23.2020 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Apple vs WordPress and Epic, Trump vs TikTok, Secret Spy iPod
Apple vs WordPress
Apple vs Epic
2020 is the end of the techlash
Zuckerberg is the unelected king of the world
Trump tries to ban TikTok
Facebook funnels people toward misinformation
Microsoft Duo review: this is the foldable to get
The Democratic National Convention is the best Zoom meeting ever
How do you hold your phone? What kind of earbuds do you use?
Phishing is so 2019. Vishing is the new threat hotness.
Microsoft lets two 0-day exploits stay active for two years
The secret government iPod that may have been a Geiger counter or a spy device
Adobe update deletes all your photos
Viacom wants to sell CNET at a 1.5 billion dollar loss
California's AB5 law against freelancers is a bad solution to a big problem.
The best ways to find out about air quality online
Vote early! An asteroid is coming to kill all the politicians the day before the election.

Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Devindra Hardawar, Larry Magid, and Ben Brock Johnson
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