#233 Two Brides & 10,000 Guests

01.20.2021 - By The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

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Chaya and Morgan join today to talk about how the ‘biggest, queerest wedding of the year’ surprised even the two brides.

Theirs was a 2020, wedding that happened during the Pandemic which as you can guess turned into something totally different than what was planned. Like way different! Like 10,0000 people watching the live stream on Facebook, kind of different! Despite initially thinking they wanted a small, intimate backyard wedding, they were still struck by the effects of COVID, requiring them to rethink the whole day.

Chaya and Morgan live streamed their wedding to over 10k people. Using the internet’s wide resources of queer, BIPOC, they were able to pull off a beautiful day.

The New York Times wrote an article about their wedding and describe's Chaya's career as follows: "Ms. Milchtein, 25, has an eclectic career as a style influencer, writer and automotive educator. Her website and blog is called Mechanic Shop Femme, where she also writes about plus-size fashion.”

Chaya also teaches online classes for car maintenance, how to buy - best way to insure - how to not get scammed. She's an automotive educator, writer and speaker - with an empowerment platform.

Big Takeaways

If you are doing a live stream (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, etc) of any kind, make sure you get the rights to use the music, or they will cut off your feed!
Make sure there is proper wifi in the exact location you are. Test it as far in advance as you can!
You can choose which parts of your wedding are important to you! Wear what you want to wear, do what brings you joy.

Links We Referenced


Chaya on Instagram

The New York Times Article

Natural Nerd Designs



"But then this Pandemic happened and anybody can get sick and what happens if you go to the hospital? All of the sudden those spousal rights become incredibly important, especially in a queer relationship. " -Chaya

"Chaya being who she is, went to the internet and invited everyone and a lot of people came" - Morgan

“Weddings happen late, there are things that go wrong in everybody’s wedding. But if you take the time to focus on those things, you’re missing the moments.” - Chaya

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