TWP28: Bandsaws, Planers, and Getting Kicked Out!

12.30.2016 - By The Woodworking Podcast

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Submitted Questions/comments:

Kevin hart - I am in the market to get a planer. It will be my first planer that I've ever owned. I would like for you to discuss the differences between the Dewalt planer that Jay has the Dewalt planer that's one below what Jay has and the triton planer that April has. Is this the hold out and get the big one purchase or is this something that can grow with your shop. I don't plan to run any major length boards or thicknesses through the planer. If you read reviews about all these planers they all are great and they' all suck .it's hard to get a good Idea based on reviews.
ron rizzo - Big fan of the podcast. I'm looking at possibly getting the same Laguna bandsaw Nick got recently and I've been hoping for a video on it, or a bit more of an in depth discussion on the podcast about it.

Jays bandsaw dust collection pics:

Nick's Dresser Drawer Front

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