TWP23: Horses to Chickens, Table Saw Trunions, Friction Polish

11.18.2016 - By The Woodworking Podcast

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Submitted Questions:

Carson - I am a beginner to intermediate woodworker and I am looking to upgrade my old craftsman contractor table saw. I'm am trying to decide between the Ridgid R4512. Or the grizzly G0715P, just wondering if you guys have had any experience on either one? Or have heard some pros or cons?Thanks and keep up the good work.
Barry Myers - I've been turning pens for several years and still struggle with one thing: when I use a light-colored wood (maple, poplar, etc.), when doing the final sanding and finishing (I use a friction polish), the grain in the wood sometimes looks dirty because a bit of the metal from the bushings gets picked up in the finishing cloth (I use paper towels or small pieces of old t-shirt material). I don't have a good solution to overcome this other than to remove the pen from the mandrel and replace the metal bushings with something plastic or similar. When turning lots of pens, that extra 2-3 minute changeover for each pen is frustrating. Any ideas?
Dave Gilbey - I'm a newbie... so excuse the stupid question(s).

What are some ways to prevent tear out from birch plywood when cutting on table saw ( it's a job site saw.)??? Can you suggest ways to minimize?(e.g. Change the blade?... put working side down when cutting? ... painters tape?
How much glue ?? I seem to have either no squeeze out or a river of squeeze out... can't seem to dial this in. Suggestions appreciated
Can you give some suggestions for creating dados with a trim (small hand size )router? Trying not to But more tools right now by not buying a full size router or dado stack for table saw

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