TWP20: Table Saw Scratches and POSSIBLE June Event

10.14.2016 - By The Woodworking Podcast

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Bill Hantzopoulos

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Ted Alexander
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Submitted Questions:

Bill - I have a fairly new Sawstop and the top has a couple fairly deep scratches. I was wondering if you had any good tips for removing them. Is sanding my best option and if so should I work my way through a few different grits until I get the smooth finish like it has now? Or is there a better way to remove them?  Thanks, Bill

I know, you do videos for a living. I want to start doing videos for fun and often I feel the urge to just throw the camera in the bin and get the damn project done. Know what I mean? How do you work around that?

brendan_hayy - What are you all looking forward to, for the rest of 2016?

makeshift_woodworkerWhat is your favorite non-maker you tube channel/vlog?

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