S7 E22: Unaccompanied Minor

11.27.2019 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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SEASON 7 FINALE! Spoiler alert we rate this 9/10 scalpels. Not our favorite finale, but still delivers.

Derek and the Chief find out that Meredith messed with the trial. She is fired, then she is kept on by Chief because he realizes she was helping Adele. Derek however is unforgiving and leaves her alone.....WITH ZOLA. Yes, they get to bring Zola home in hopes that the adoption will be finalized.

Cristina is pregnant and she decides to terminate the pregnancy. This is a very difficult topic not only for the characters, but for many listeners. We try to be sensitive to this conversation, and we ask you do too.

In other story lines, April is given Chief Resident, people are pissed off at Karev, and Teddy chooses Henry. This episode is packed with drama, and is a perfect way to round out season 7.

Grey's content starts at 28:26.



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