Understanding Blood Glucose Measuring For Fat Loss and More on Keto & Carnivore with Kara Collier

07.05.2021 - By Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl

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Kara is back!! This episode is about how to understand blood glucose numbers for fat loss on Keto & Carnivore with Kara Collier, RDN, CNSC. Nutrisense Director of Nutrition. We talk about some of the basics of optimal blood glucose ranges depending on one's goals, some hot topics including can keto actually create physiological insulin resistance and what it means,  metabolic flexibility, what blood glucose ranges are optimal for fat loss and much more! Kara Collier is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician with a background in clinical nutrition, nutrition technology, and entrepreneurship. After becoming frustrated with the traditional healthcare system, she helped start the company NutriSense where she is now the Director of Nutrition. Kara is the leading authority on the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, particularly in non-diabetics for the purposes of health optimization, disease prevention, and reversing metabolic dysfunction. Unlock Your Body's Data using a Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)! Analyze how your body responds to food, exercise, stress, and sleep in real-time. Visit Nutrisense.io and use the code KetogenicGirl for $25 off YOUR first month! Try the Higher Protein Keto Meal Plans & Coaching: https://www.ketogenicgirl.com Special thank you to Fast Keto sponsors: BiOptimizers Blood Sugar Breakthrough: www.bloodsugarbreakthrough.com/fastketo or use the code "FASTKETO" to save 10% on your order! You have a 365 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied! Try it for yourself at www.bloodsugarbreakthrough.com/fastketo or use the code "FASTKETO" to save 10% on your order! - Butcher Box! Right now, new members one pack of FREE bacon in every box for the life of your membership when you sign up at butcherbox.com/fastketo. That’s one pack of FREE bacon in EVERY box for the life of your subscription when you go to ButcherBox.com/fastketo - Prior to beginning a ketogenic diet you should undergo a health screening with your physician to confirm that a ketogenic diet is suitable for you and to rule out any conditions and contraindications that may pose risks or are incompatible with a ketogenic diet[, including by way of example: conditions affecting the kidneys, liver or pancreas; muscular dystrophy; pregnancy; breast-feeding; being underweight; eating disorders; any health condition that requires a special diet [other conditions or contraindications]; hypoglycemia; or type 1 diabetes. A ketogenic diet may or may not be appropriate if you have type 2 diabetes, so you must consult with your physician if you have this condition. Anyone under the age of 18 should consult with their physician and their parents or legal guardian before beginning such a diet]. Use of Ketogenic Girl videos are subject to the Ketogenicgirl.com Terms of Use and Medical Disclaimer. All rights reserved. If you do not agree with these terms, do not listen to, or view any Ketogenic Girl podcasts or videos.  

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