Understanding Today's Narcissist

By Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

What's Understanding Today's Narcissist about?

Understanding Today's Narcissist is a podcast dedicated to separating fact from fiction when it comes to dealing with a narcissist in your life. Your host is Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC, a licensed psychotherapist, speaker and author. For more information, visit www.growwithchristine.com Looking for help with dealing with the narcissist in your life? Visit https://growwithchristine.com to sign up for online support!

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Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck - Th...


Christine Hammond interviews Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck, a licensed mental health counselor, about sexual addiction and narcissistic traits. They discuss the signs of sex addiction, how narcissistic traits show up in denial, and the difference between being an actual narcissist and ...

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