Union Pacific: Long Train Runnin’ - [Business Breakdowns, EP. 69]

08.10.2022 - By Business Breakdowns

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This is Dom Cooke and today we are breaking down the freight railroad business, Union Pacific. Union Pacific is interesting for a number of reasons. Its first tracks were laid in a time of horsepower, over 150 years ago. It operates a duopoly in the West of the US with Burlington Northern Santa Fe, a rail owned by Berkshire Hathaway. And despite being capital intensive, it earns higher operating margins than Microsoft. But above all, it is a crucial link in the global supply chain, moving much of what the US economy is built on. 
To break down this $140 billion railroad operator, I’m joined by Matt Reustle, the CEO of Colossus and a former transport analyst. Please enjoy this Business Breakdown of Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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Show Notes
[00:03:01] - [First question] - A general overview of the transportation sector
[00:05:38] - What a Class 1 railway is and what the railway industry looks like
[00:07:40] - Is there cartel-like behavior and collusion between railway companies?
[00:12:24] - What a rail network consists of at the unit and asset level
[00:17:48] - Whether or not consumer railroads are independent from freight railroads 
[00:18:57] - Interchange when goods are transferred from the east coast to the west coast 
[00:20:17] - Who Union Pacific’s customers are, what they move, and their business writ large 
[00:25:35] - The Box; Whether or not all transport volume in 50 years will be intermodal
[00:26:37] - How they determine the rate they charge customers  
[00:28:41] - Ways that geography impacts what is being transported 
[00:31:28] - The income statement and economics of rails through the lens of UNP
[00:36:11] - Improving efficiency and ROI while not having to submit to customers 
[00:40:12] - How different policies affect railway margin profiles 
[00:41:56] - Operating ratios and why they’re the metric most referenced for performance
[00:44:38] - The nature of cyclicality and its driving forces 
[00:48:15] - Thoughts about capital allocation given being high CapEx and their free cash flow
[00:52:27] - How inflation and current events lately positively and negatively affect UNP
[00:54:16] - What would make him nervous as an analyst looking at UNP in the years ahead
[00:56:33] - Talk or plans to electrify and migrate away from fossil fuels 
[00:58:22] - Lessons learned from UNP that could be applied to other industries and investing
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