Unique Near Death Experience & Out of Body Experiences; many paths to Heaven | Dr. Brent C. Satterfield: Ep. 10 | S1

03.12.2021 - By Life Continuing

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Dr. Brent C. Satterfield invented DNA testing technologies that have impacted millions of people in more than fifty countries, including in the COVID-19 pandemic. Following multiple experiences with heaven, he became a student of consciousness, faith, and experiences of God in cultures around the world. He has achieved mastery level in Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, Reiki, and other healing modalities. He is the author of Faith to Produce Miracles and Bringing Heaven Home, and a cofounder of the Inner World Movement. He is excited to begin developing online courses and gathering a community of like-minded individuals.
In this episode, Dr. Satterfield discusses his book Bringing Heaven Home, starting from his younger years of conservative Christianity to meeting a woman with a unique gift that assisted him with deeper experiences, and the development of the Inner World Movement.
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Creator: Tania Berg
Advisor: Amanda Cupido
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