Season 3 Episode 55 - University student Finn McGrath and National art school graduate Elise Cooke

04.06.2021 - By Art Wank

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@art.wank is back this week with a new episode with two interviews in one, firstly with recently graduated HSC student Finn McGrath, son of artist James McGrath (episode 44). We interviewed Finn next to his artwork at Art Express, Armoury Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park. We talked to Finn about the ideas behind his HSC artwork and his future in the art world. We have combined this episode with another fab young person artist Elise Cooke who has recently graduated from the National Art School. We wanted to talk to her about what art school was like and what she’s up to now! We hope these interviews give young inspiring artists some knowledge of doing HSC art and going to art school...

Thanks so much, Finn and Elise for talking to us, we hope to interview more of the 'youth' to find out about their experiences at school, art school and university, and beyond. 

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