58: Upgrade your wardrobe and use colour to change your mood with Aura reader and stylist Susanna Merrick

01.10.2021 - By Not Perfect Podcast with Poppy Jamie

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Today’s guest is Susanna Merrick, an intuitive energy reader, stylist and the founder of Aura Wear. Susanna helps thousands of women globally use their wardrobes to change their energy and transform their life. Susanna loves using her Intuitive Gifts to help style and dress the energy of clients and she believes deeply in the profound power of colour. 

In the episode, we discuss how hormones are the connecting factor to understanding your aura, how we can use colour to heal ourselves and what colours we should associate with certain situations and feelings.

Find out more about aura readings with Susanna on her website: https://aurawearnyc.com/
Susanna’s instagram: @aurawearnyc

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