Use Your Personal Style to Bring Out Your True Self | Ep 44

12.01.2015 - By Inspiring Mama | A Happiness Podcast For Moms & Dads

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Your personal style is a powerful tool in your transformational toolbox. With a few shifts in your wardrobe, you can re-ignite the AMAZING parts of YOU that get overlooked in the hustle of everyday parenting life. 
Stylist Joui Turandot will teach us how to re-ignite ourSELVES by tuning into our personal style. Learn how to use your clothing to bring out the parts of you that you want to show the world. 
Learn how to use your wardrobe to shift your emotional state and to create the confidence, sexiness, and joy that you're craving. Break through personal style barriers and negative self-talk and bring the fun back into your wardrobe. 
Joui also shares a few style hacks and tricks that she uses to get more out of her closet and to find clothing that really inspires you. 
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