#270: Using Your Breath to Release Stress, Boost Immunity w/ Josh Trent

08.11.2019 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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This simple technique can powerfully change your day, life. Since Josh taught it to me, my energy is more even, stable. I can't wait for you to learn it, too! This show is brought to you by JOOVV! Leaders in light therapy. ➢ Save on your Joovv Light: http://bit.ly/joovv-discount The Joovv Light Mini is a cool new unit from them! (Haven't yet purchased, but plan on doing so for travel in 2019.) ➢ New Joovv Go: https://lddy.no/7ruw More About Today's Show As you know, managing stress and cortisol can have a big impact on your sleep and life. Josh Trent shares one of the most powerful tools to help you manage stress and improve your quality of life. Watch the full Warrior Breath Tutorial: https://youtu.be/qMeFfO4ge7E?t=881   

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